Which Diet, Exercise, And Weight Management Can Add A Decade To Your Life!

All of you may know that eating grains are better for our overall health than eating refined carbohydrates and that saturated and trans fats will increase the amount of fat stored in our bodies.

But does anything about foods help the body to burn faster? If you need to lose a little weight, it’s not just about eating healthy. If you can incorporate proven foods to increase your daily fat burning, you will see faster results from your weight loss efforts.

You could go out and buy fat-burning pills, but you’re risking your health with the chemical ingredients that most people use. However, the safest alternative is to maintain your body what it needs to burn more fat on its own!

There are several best fat-burning food items that are easily found at any grocery store and are easy to incorporate into your favorite meals and snacks.

However, if you are adding the following five key points then you can add a decade into your life. These are as follows:

Eat more veggies, reduce carbs – Then carb cycle

Eliminate grains like processed white bread, grains, white potatoes, corn, and foods that contain high sugar. Get your nutrition from eating more veggies, allowing the shedding of water from the body, reducing muscle glycogen stores. Over a couple of weeks, you will lose a substantial amount of weight, and transition into the body fat burning mode that you are after. The trick is to stick to this plan and begin to accustom your body towards eating an enhanced fiber and vitamin intake.

Experts suggest doing this for 2 weeks, then transition towards better alternative carbs such as sweet potato, white basmati rice, and oats. Work these back into your diet slowly, monitoring how your body reacts to which carb source. You will have a higher carbohydrate meal every 5–6 days. On the other days, you will eat low carbohydrates, with veggies as your main source (eliminating the carb sources above).

Adding protein to your meal with veggies and fats

Minimize your protein intake to a hand full or a deck of cards. Load up your plate with veggies, both raw and steamed. Add olive oil, coconut oil, macadamia oil avocado or walnut oil. Feed yourself every 3–4 hours, keeping your blood sugar levels steady, and abolishing any of those awful cravings that take over when we are experiencing food deprivation.

Make sure you are getting plenty of healthy fats in your diet

Fats assist you in maintaining your brain health, focus, and also keep you satiated. Always add coconut oil to your foods when cooking them, olive oil to your salads and cooked veggies as a garnish, and avocado. When you decrease carbs, you should increase your intake of fats. The reason being is that you train your body to become metabolically flexible, allowing the space for it to burn stored fat for energy. Carbs alone cannot do this. Also, watch your protein intake as well. Too much protein blocks this metabolic flexibility.

Weight train above and beyond cardio

When you eat properly (such as the eating plan above) you will naturally lose body fat and feel a lot better overall. Weight training and HIIT help you accelerate the effects of fat loss even further. It also preserves muscle mass and improves the body’s response to fat-burning as a fuel.

When you eat restricted calories, you run the risk of losing muscle mass. This means that your ability to burn calories substantially lowers, therefore making it harder to lose body fat. Therefore, weight training increases your body’s ability to build muscle, and maintain it.

HIIT assists in the burning of body fat as well, increasing your caloric burn for hours after you perform the exercise, and enhances strength. Just note that HIIT must only be used for 30 minutes or less. Any more, and you will begin to experience muscle mass loss. There is such a term as too much of a good thing!

Gut Health

It is above and beyond important, not only for weight loss but for health and longevity. Your gut must have a multitude of good bacteria in order for you can experience optimal health. That means, being disease-free, lean, and healthy.

Final Words

Although there several solutions that can be said about this issue, I do recommend a proper gut cleanse. This eliminates the bad bacteria, sweeps the slate clean (so to speak), and then allows for the good bacteria to begin occupying the space again. When this happens, weight loss and vitality will become a lot easier!

Let me inform you about a product that is good for maintenance mode. It’s called gutright, and it comes with a 10 day cleanse (which is very easy to mind you). It’s pleasant to test and very easy to do. Try it out and see what it can do for you also.

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