Project Gemini (2022)| Review

Project Gemini 2022 Review

Project “Gemini,” which you can also call “Zvezdnyj razym” or “Proekt “Gemini,” is the latest genre movie to come out of Russia. From Attraction to Sputnik to The Blackout, I’ve reviewed a lot of Russian science fiction movies, with very mixed results. The trailer and the fact that Well Go USA was putting it out … Read more

Immanence (2022)| Review

Corrective Measures (2022) Review

This weekend, there is more than one new Bruce Willis movie coming out. Corrective Measures, which is a strange mix of action, prison, sci-fi, and monster movies, also comes out. It’s another Tubi Original, so you might not have heard of it. I can’t think of a worse way for Willis to end his career … Read more

Shark Bait (2022)| Review

Shark Bait (2022)

I didn’t plan on seeing Shark Bait. After watching Great White and The Requin, I was tired of seeing annoying idiots float around trying not to become a CGI shark’s dinner. But I saw that Tower Block and One Shot were also directed by James Nunn. He was also the second unit director for 47 … Read more

A Day to Die (2022)| Review

A Day to Die (2022) Review

Since today ends in “Y,” it’s time for a new Bruce Willis movie to come out. This time, it’s A Day to Die. I might have used that line before, but he’s making so many movies that I’m running out of ways to start talking about them. But their quality is getting worse and worse … Read more

Moloch (2022)| Review

Moloch (2022) Review

In the first scene of Moloch, which takes place in 1991, a young girl is feeding a mouse when she hears what sounds like a very violent attack in the room above her. Soon, blood starts pouring out from between the floorboards and down the walls onto the terrified girl. Betriek (Sallie Harmsen, Blade Runner … Read more