Which CMS is Best for a Local Business Website?

For local businesses, having a well-built website to showcase your offerings, and cashing in on local SEO strategies, is a must today. Before embarking on the website-development project, choosing the right CMS is an important decision to make.

CMS stands for Content Management System, and as the name implies, it is a multi-feature application that assists in the development of your website.

From selecting a design template, creating, modifying, and publishing content, to optimization and uploading of images, website security, data analytics, and SEO, there are multiple plug-ins and interwoven programs within the CMS that assist website developers/designers to create the best website design to meet your business requirements.

With hundreds of CMS options to pick from, it can often be a confusing process to pick the right one. Research the features, pros, and cons of the most popular CMS available today, will help you make an informed decision.

Liaise with a Website Designing Company in Noida

For local businesses based in the Delhi-NCR region, it is highly advisable that you get in touch with a reliable website designing company in Noida, or a renowned web designing company in Delhi, to design the best website for your business.

The biggest advantage of outsourcing is that you get to benefit from the multiple years of experience held by web design professionals. Secondly, you don’t have to go through the hassle and cost of hiring a web design team, followed by training them.

Lastly, with the kind of flexible and cost-effective web design packages provided by leading IT companies nowadays, the ROI on your website makes it absolutely worth outsourcing.

Choosing the Right CMS for your website

When you go through the different CMS options for building your website, you should ideally pick the best one that provides features as per your requirements.

Here are the top features and advantages to look for, in a Content Management System for your website:-

  • User-Friendliness- This is the top-most requirement. A good CMS is always intuitive and enables hassle-free usage.
  • Customizability- The ability to customize your website is a highly coveted feature. Some businesses prefer a basic website, while others opt for an advanced one. Either way, the CMS should enable customization as per the requirement.
  • Compatibility- An important feature that web designers look for in their chosen CMS is the compatibility with other software and applications. Syncing with social media to provide maximum visibility to your website, or generating auto-emails to notify fresh newsletter subscriptions by users on your website, happen to be some of the examples of CMS compatibility.
  • Community Support- A full-fledged community for sharing knowledge, resources, troubleshooting, developments, and latest updates.
  • Plug-ins- As mentioned above, there could be multiple plug-ins for content optimization, content updating, data analysis, SEO, site security, image compression, and so on. Pick the right CMS based on the features you need the most.

Top 5 CMS choices for a Local Business Website

The choice of CMS is purely subjective, but the following 5 Content Management Systems have been best-voted by local start-ups and SMEs:-

  1. WordPress- The most popular, free-to-use CMS which is preferred by entrepreneurs who seek minimal financial investment, to begin with.
  2. HubSpot- This unique, highly versatile, and feature-rich CMS for those who are willing to make a sizeable initial investment.
  3. Drupal- Yet another flexible, open-source CMS with renowned data configuration and site security settings.
  4. Serendipity- A very popular CMS option for bloggers and content-oriented media/news sites.
  5. Wix- The level of customization, and ease of use is unparalleled.

Insights from the Best Website Designing Company in Noida

If you don’t have the necessary technical acumen to develop and design your business website, it is always better to hire a professional. Take your time, go through the listings, talk to the concerned representatives, and then pick the best website designing company in Noida, or the most efficient web designing company in Delhi.

As part of the final screening process to select one web designer, do seek their insights on the best CMS, and what has prompted them to suggest a particular CMS for developing and designing your website.

The best designing team would be the one that drafts their proposal after thoroughly studying your business needs, budget, customer profile, and competitor analysis.


A professionally designed and well-optimized business website is more likely to generate higher leads, and enhance your revenue generation process. Picking the right CMS is crucial for seamlessly developing and designing your website. To sum up, your business needs a feature-rich, uncomplicated CMS that simultaneously evolves, grows over time with your business, and enables data interchanging in the long run.

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