Speculations About the “Resident Evil 8” That Will come out for Next-gen Console!

There is good news for all the Residents Evil fans. Yes! The makers have confirmed the Resident Evil 8 and fans are really excited for another thriller installment of the franchise. Resident Evil 8 is in the development stage, and this news also confirmed by the cast of Resident Evil 7. We know that the eight installments have bigger plans.

Release Date and Updates of Resident Evil 8

The official release date did not announce yet, however, according to rumors, the game will be available in 2021. Resident Evil 8 will be available for Xbox Series X and Playstation 5.

Here you can see the response of Dusk Golem on teh release date of the game.


Dusk is going to work with the robot of Resident Evil 3 and dishearten many fans along the line. Another twitter post was made by Dusk in which he talks about his plan for the franchise.

Aesthetic Gamer also claimed that the resident Evil 8 is in the development stage for current and next-generation consoles. It is expecting that the eighth installments will take place in June for Playstation 5.

Well, we keep our fans updated about all the recent news. So Stay With us, we will tell you about the release date and other updates of the game.

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