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SoccerStreams banned! Best Alternative For /r/ Soccer Streams to Watch football and other games!

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Soccerstreams was one of the amazing places to watch football matches. However, it has been banned, which was terrible news for all the fans. Therefore soccer lovers start to explore the subreddits websites to watch the streaming. Subreddit also deleted due to copyright warning from the premier league.

Well, we make a list of Alternatives for Soccerstreams where you get all the fantasy sports. Millions of people get services every day on Discord is getting popular. So let’s take a look and see the alternatives of soccer streaming links and see the other channel which is providing services.

Reddit Alternatives for SoccerStreams

Well, you can get the streaming by trying the best alternatives for /r/SoccerStream and available on the Reddit platform. These are subreddits where the Reddit is cracking down these illegal streaming subreddits.

find more MLB streams Reddit


Here is another subreddit that provides the link to each game. It can provide service to 1000 people online at any time. Most of the links are of Ace stream, which means you don’t need to worry about buffering. Many people post the link where you can find the game that you are looking for.


This subreddit was created for the post-removal of soccer streams. There are not so many subscribers, but posted links are incredible. However, some rules are followed to post streaming links that help to maintain quality. The direct link is not allowed, and people are listing SD and HD quality. However, the high internet speed is required to get the matches on it.

/r/Soccerstreams 69

this one is an amazing subreddit or alternative site for those who wish to use Reddit for football platform. However, this one is not such a reliable way to get streaming links because of copyright issues. The other drawback is that due to the size issue, this alternative site does not cover all the games. Asian leagues and lother leagues will not receive streams.


You guys can try this best alternative Soccerstreams. We are not so sure about how long it allows the users’ to stay open, but we must recommend it. We recommend that you jump abroad before it’s gone.

/r/Reddit Soccercity

Redditsoccercity is the most famous subreddit that received the ban hammer rapidly. SoccerstreamRedd is listed below and made by the same creators.


It posted streaming links, but when links are no longer required, it gets deleted. Therefore you can get multiple soccer streaming here.

Discord Channel for getting links

Discord channel is the best for getting live football links. It made popular on the internet and eliminated the need for Skype, Teamspeak, Mumble, and Ventrilo servers. This amazing feature is that it is free, and you able to speak via text changes or voice as well as share images, audio, and videos.

Discord also provides the service to the gaming community and become a stable app for any kind of online streaming. After banning the soccer streams, people started to follow Discord. It offers the same services as the soccer stream performed. You are able to send stream links which available to watch 30 minutes.

You can send stream links into mods to approve, and they will become available to watch 30 minutes before the match starts. Here you can get two links of the channel.


Soccerstreams subreddit was one of the amazing convenient platform for all people where they were able to watch their favorite teams game. It was providing the free services where you will able to watch streaming links 30 minutes prior to release.

After banning, everyone is trying for an alternative, so we mentioned the best alternatives for soccer streams. Besides, we always told the best channel ” DISCORD,” but we don’t know what will happen when illegal streaming links share on their platform.

The above-given subreddits would not remain forever. There could be more options as people are trying different ways to watch football or soccer.

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