What Are Marika’s Stakes in Elden Ring?

The game Elden Ring is a masterpiece made by FromSoftware. Some new and interesting things are built into the Elden Ring. Players will find out about the Lands Between, and there is a lot to find out about in the game. So, the Sites of Grace and the Stakes of Marika are the two checkpoints in the game. This guide tells you everything you need to know about the Stakes of Marika in Elden Ring.

Stakes of Marika Explained

If you die near a Stake of Marika, your character will respawn at the same spot but in a safer place. This is a new idea for games, and players can go to Stakes of Marika to use them instead of the usual checkpoint site.

When you die at a Site of Grace, you come back to life at the last Site of Grace you were at. Also, you should know that you can’t save your checkpoint at more than one checkpoint marker. These could be Sites of Grace or Stakes of Marika. When you interact with a new Stake of Marika, the one you just used goes away on its own.

To clear up any confusion about the Stakes of Marika, they are only used to save your game, and finding them won’t give you any XP. This means that finding these won’t help you level up or do anything else. Instead, they’re just a nice thing to have in Elden Ring.

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