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The second season of the documentary TV show Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel introduced viewers to the FV Time Bandit and his crew of six, including his captains and brothers, Andy and Johnathan Hillstrand, who were some of the most interesting people and most interesting parts of the show.

From there, we went to see more of Johnathan, who is a third-generation licenced fisherman who has fun while being a good captain. Andy Hillstrand, who stars on Deadliest Catch, is his younger brother.

Personal Life and Age

Johnathan Hillstrand was born in Homer, Arkansas, on August 5, 1962. His father was also a fisherman, and he was raised by the same father. Since fishing has been a “family tradition” for most of Johnathan’s life, he has kept up the “tradition” since he was a kid. He was the second of five children in a family.

Even though he was only three years old, he was already sailing with his father and brothers on trading ships. This is how he learned to fish at a young age. Because of this, he started fishing when he was 7 years old.

Even though he went to school, he decided not to go past high school. Instead of going to college, he set himself up as a fisherman as soon as he graduated. full time and caught everything from crab to lobster all the way to the New England coast.

His mother is named Nancy Hillstrand, and like her husband, she spends most of her time in the water. She works to protect wild fish. His father, John Hillstrand, is a fisherman, as has already been said.

Since the second season of Deadliest Catch, Johnathan Hillstrand has become more well-known, and he has been on every season with his brother and their ship, Time Bandit. Her family is known for fishing, but they also have many other businesses, such as Time Bandit Entertainment. The family also owns businesses like Time Bandit Fireworks and Time Bandit Spirits.

Aside from that, he worked with Andy Hillstrand and Malcolm MacPherson to write and publish the biography of Andy and Johnathan Hillstrand called Time Bandit: Two Brothers, the Bering Sea, and One of the World’s Deadliest Jobs. The book came out for the first time in 2008.

Marriage Life

Johnathan Hillstrand

Johnathan Hillstrand is already married and has been to the altar twice before. We don’t know anything about his first marriage because he lived a very private life. Before he became famous and wealthy, the couple had been together for a long time and had two sons.

Heather Hamilton is the second woman to marry him. Before they got married, they dated for a long time. It was said that they met at church and began dating there. After a long time, they got married in 2017.

People have asked a lot of questions about her daughter, but nothing is known about her. Only her son, Scott, who appeared on the TV show with his father and uncles, is known.


Johnathan Hillstrand is thought to have a net worth of about $2.2 million. His life on the water as a fisherman and co-captain of the Time Bandit Vessel, which he owns with his brothers, has given him a good net worth. Also, being on the reality show Deadliest Catch made him a lot of money.

In 2017, a member of his crew lost his right hand and forearm when a firecracker exploded in the launcher he was using. He was working on the ship Time Bandit at the time. Because the accident ended his career as a fisherman, he sued Johnathan and his brother, who had to pay him $1.4 million.

Since the Discovery Channel sued him for a huge $3 million, his loss would have been even worse. This happened after a shooting fight between the brothers, which happened because they didn’t understand each other.

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