Having a free PDF reader with PDFbear

The world today is evolving at a fast pace, and keeping up with it, we need to embrace the new normal by combining technology and basic needs. Technology is a great way to help students keep up amid this Covid-19 pandemic to keep moving forward. Technology has many effects. It helps develop the economy on a global scale and rise of leisure in society.

Face to face interaction and mass gathering is prohibited. Workplace, Schools, and even the playgrounds are closed. Having usual educational ways is in jeopardy in this Covid-19 pandemic. Technology is the best way to cope up with this pandemic for education to move forward.

People tend to start exploring things on the web and move forward using online platforms that let you talk to someone face to face using technology. Businesses are being run and monitored online. Schools are even using these platforms to continue their classes and be academically ready.

Embracing technology is one way to live within this pandemic until it’s over. Having people feel safe in their household is a big thing in today’s set-up. With all the troubles we are experiencing, having an organized set-up is a big deal. A free PDF reader can help you with your needs.

What is PDF?

PDF or Portable Document Format is a file format that displays different types of documents, images, text formatting in a hardware or software operating system. A Portable Document Format gives you the same fixed-layout copy from the text, font, font size, picture, and other information.


A PDF Bear is an online platform that helps students to organize things from folder to folder. They have different types of services, from compressing, converting, merging, or splitting files. Its simple web design format avoids confusion for first-time users, and they also offer seven days free trial for new users.

They also have an easy-to-use free PDF reader to manage your pdf files to edit, print, or share with just a few simple steps. A PDF reader can allow you to print or view your PDF file as it provides tools that your PDF file needs that meet your satisfactory needs. With their simple and yet stylish web design, it is easy to use.

Top-Notch Security

To provide quality work is the main objective of PDFbear. In terms of safety, PDFbear offers top-notch certainty. They keep your files secured using an SSL encryption to ensure that your file is in a safe environment while transferring, so your PDF file can be safely viewed on their website. 

It can also be accessed or used from different devices as long as it is in a browser, you can transfer files through your computer or smartphone. With cloud technology, you can move any files anywhere or even on the go. You can even save it on your account as long as you have pro membership.

Steps on how to preview/use free PDF online

The first step would be dragging or selecting a file to their PDF reader. Second, PDFbear will show you different viewable document formats. Third, You can preview the specific file and edit or print the file if you want to. Lastly, to save your PDFfile just click on the download button.


PDFbear is a friendly online platform that helps students with their daily needs. They offer tools and services that are convenient for different kinds of users. They even have instructions written on their website to avoid confusion. The security it provides is top-notch as people rank this website, one of the most go-to PDF converters online.

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