Ghost of Tsushima: What Will be the Gameplay and Release Date

Ghost of Tsushima is the action-adventure game created by Sucker Punch Productions. Sony Interactive Entertainment published it for PlayStation 4. I think that was the last one that features on PlayStation 4 before PS4 comes to an end.

Release Date of Ghost of Tsushima

Fans only have a couple of weeks, and then the most awaited game will be in front of your eyes. Yes! It is going to release on 17 July 2020.

The game was announced in 2017 during the Paris Games Week. First, it was decided to release on 26 June, but it delayed a little bit, and now the new date has been given on 17 July. The latest trailer of the game is absolutely a pack of beautiful visuals and quite of action.


It is an action-adventure game that played from a third-person perspective. It features an open world and gives freedom to players to explore the different parts of the world.

The player rides on the horse, and there are also some side quests and non-playable characters. Stealth mode of the game is amazing, where players attack quietly with weapons like katana, kunai, and smoke bombs.

Storyline Of the Game

The plot will focus on the last Samurai of Tsushima. It is an island in the middle between Japan and Korea.

The noble character of the game name Jin Sakai who must sacrifice everything and push back the Mongal army as well as bring freedom and peace on the island. Well, there is no long wait, but we will keep an eye on additional updates about the game.


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