Get Your Weeb on: Naruto memes that made you laugh the most

Do you have a requirement for Weeb? You’re not alone. Every once in a while, you only need to embrace your inner web despite what proportion your friends may ridicule you. They only don’t catch on – anime may be a blessing. Sometimes, the simplest memes are the foremost random and ridiculous ones. Therefore, the Naruto fandom has many of them. If you are a person of culture, you’ll appreciate these corny memes.

Whether it’s making top-tier puns or immature jokes, these Naruto memes will cause you to cringe and tease an equivalent time. Vote up your favorite ones!

When it involves Naruto – there are no thanks to hiding your obsession and attraction for an anime. Well, we hope you will enjoy Naruto Memes that are really dumb but made you laugh anyways. We’re not accountable if you made an online request for shuriken and Naruto-run for the remainder of the day after seeing these funny memes.

Area-51 Naruto Run

You may remember that when it was considered a thing? Assume what that conversation would have seemed like. What are the chances an anime fan works within the Pentagon?

naruto 01

Never Abandoning

Why is this in that anime, the heroes always need to push themselves over the limit? There’s a hole in his body. And Plus ultra! Oh, wait, it may be a bad anime or a funny meme!

naruto 02

Naruto Intervention

Look! We can’t help it if you can’t make us seal up to about Naruto memes. But when God occurs, you recognize you’ve got a drag.

naruto 03

Easy for You to Mention Kakashi!

How many times has Kakashi died again? We’ve lost count.

naruto 04

Sasuke Chokehold

If you’ve seen Hunter X Hunter, you recognize that Sasuke is simply a poser Kurapika. And let’s be honest – Kurapika is much better than Sasuke.

naruto 05

Sasuke Chokehold Continues

If anyone deserves to choke Sasuke – it’s Sakura. How did they even finish up together anyway?

naruto 06

Sasuke Chokehold Forever

We can’t get enough of those Sasuke chokehold memes. Everyone wants to leap on board—even Momo from My Hero Academia.

naruto 07

You Better Believe It

Naruto is that the perfect spokesperson for I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. Not only does his catchphrase match perfectly, but his obnoxious hair even matches the container.

naruto 08

We Lava Sakura

Gosh, dang it, Sasuke! Why does one reject Sakura so altogether? You don’t deserve her love – as obsessive it’s going to be. If only Sakura would advance.

naruto 09

Sasuke Pancake

How does Sasuke still look vaguely cool with the pancake on his head? Why maybe a pancake on his head? Who knows, but we’re sending this to everyone we all know.

naruto 10

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