The Rise of Everleigh Hawkins: A Surprise Music Video Debut

Another day, another star kid in the spotlight to be discussed. Everleigh Hawkins is the daughter of the late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. She is the youngest daughter of the drummer among the other two kids. Now, this is fascinating about Everleigh, who has kept herself away from the spotlight and industry, but recently, she made a surprise appearance in a music video. If you are curious about this, stick to this article until the end for more information.

Profile Summary

Full name  Everleigh Hawkins 
Date of birth  November 2014
Birthplace  United States 
Age  10 years as of 2024
Zodiac  Unknown 
Nationality  American 
Father  Taylor Hawkins 
Mother  Alison Hawkins 
Siblings  2 (Oliver Shane & Annabelle)
Hair color  Blonde 
Eye color  Green  
Net worth  Unknown 

Family Background 

Everleigh Hawkins was born in the United States in November 2014. She grew up in the USA and spent her childhood there. She was born to Taylor Hawkins and Alison Hawkins. They married in 2005 and had 3 children, including 2 daughters (Everleigh and Annabelle) and 1 son (Oliver Shane). Everleigh herself is 10 years old, while her older brother is 17. Her father died on 22 March 2002 in Bogota, Colombia, and his death is still a mystery.

Everleigh Hawkins
Image Source Via Instagram:@everleighrose


As Everleigh Hawkins is only 10 years old, we can assume she must be in school receiving her early education. We are still determining which school she is getting her education from, but we can consider that her school is in the US. 


Again, Everleigh is still a kid and is too young to have a professional career. But her late father, Taylor Hawkins, was a drummer for Foo Fighters. He had a massive fan base as he was the best drummer in their band. Before her father’s death, she made a surprise appearance in her dad’s music video of Middle Child (2019) along with her other 2 siblings.

 However, if we look at her Instagram account, we see that she seems interested in dance, as she has participated in many national and international dance reality shows. Besides this, her mother is also an entrepreneur and stays out of the spotlight. 

Everleigh Hawkins Net Worth

Everleigh is the daughter of a famous drummer. Her father has left her a legacy. As his father has left $40 million as his net worth for his kids and wife, we can assume she will get a good amount of assets from his father’s legacy.

Everleigh Hawkins
Image Source Via Instagram:@everleighrose

Social Media Presence 

To our surprise, Everleigh has an Instagram account with more than 5M followers. It is shocking that it is only 10 years old but still has a massive following on Instagram. Well, those are the advantages of being a star kid. Her Instagram handle is @everleighrose, with only 409 posts, primarily of herself with her family, friends, and dancing reels. 

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