Everything You Need to Know to Choose the Best Online Casino

If you’re new to online gambling, you’re probably wondering how to recognize a good online casino. It’s essential to know how any given casino operates, before playing at the casino with real money. Especially as there are several fundamental characteristics that will heavily affect your decision when it comes time to choose an online casino. Ensuring that any doubts that arise are solved well before you deposit your money. Because trying to deal with problems after you’ve deposited, can often be a stern lesson in futility. So let’s focus on knowing which features are fundamental, which are absolutely necessary, and which don’t affect you that much at all- without compromising on entertainment options. 


Online casinos offer different features, bonuses, games, payment methods, etc., but the most important aspect is that they are licensed and treat their players fairly. There are many online casinos that employ abusive practices, designed to deceive customers, deny them withdrawals without a justified reason or fraudulently increase their profits at the expense of the player. Identifying these shady practices and scam websites early will let you enjoy the games and your bank roll, much longer. Knowing what to look for can certainly help, but it can also take a ton of time- that you’d much rather be spent spinning reels or shuffling decks. So it can save a ton of time and headache just to jump on a trusted casino review site, like Casino Genie, to get all the information you need, all in one place. 

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To begin with, you need to realize that all online casinos can officially operate from only one country. In order for them to legally operate from that specific country, that country must have legislation that is favorable to online gambling. In order for you to legally play at these casinos- you must in turn abide by the rules and regulations that are applicable to your country or state. The licenses can be issued by the states that want to regulate and control the online gambling of their citizens, or the jurisdictions that want to allow the casinos to operate on an international scale, making a casino that operates out of a different country, still legal for international participation. Many countries formally prohibit online casinos from operating on their territory- meaning that no matter what licensure the casino has, it will still be illegal for you to frequent as a player. 

You can also find countries that allow some online casinos to operate and not others. You should take into account not only that the casino you want to play at is licensed, but also that it is legal to gamble in your country, and that any one particular online casino is allowed to operate there. Otherwise the casino won’t be able to pay you. Legal online casinos must ensure you have an ID issued in a country where gambling is legal, and their particular establishment has permission to operate. 


Licensing agencies, regulators and auditors help to make sure that you can play at the online casino for real money safely. These are the licenses that reassure players that they are taking part in a legit game. Online casinos must operate under a license from an authority such as eCogra (eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance), and the details of this license must be clearly displayed on the website. Licensed casinos who offer any gaming service, must also have a procedure in place for filing a complaint with the regulatory body available to players, which must be independent. This is so a player may file a complaint anytime they feel they have been subject to untoward behavior on behalf of the casino.

The independent entity that fields the complaint must evaluate and give fair consideration to any official complaint. If a casino seriously breaches the rules, its license may be revoked. If a casino, for example, refuses to pay you your winnings, the only option you have is to go to the regulatory body that issued the casino license, file a complaint, and wait for an official decision. 


Online casinos must be transparent in their practices, protect their customer database from becoming victims of fraud or identity theft, provide ways to contact their staff in case users need help, payout winnings to players, comply with bonuses they offer, have an RTP table with fair rates, and use appropriate and safe software. All of these things and more, are assured by licensing agencies, so if the casino you are using is fully licensed by an appropriate authority- you can guarantee that, at minimum, all of these things are guaranteed. 

Pause: Check Casino Reviews

It can be quite difficult to look for all this information about a casino. Taking hours and hours of reading fine print, researching licensing agencies, and double checking security encryptions. Leaving little time to focus on much past whether or not the game is legal. Which means you could easily be missing out on better and more varied options. This is why the help of online casino review websites is invaluable.

These websites work with people specialized in reviewing the multitude of online casinos that exist. Working to give you detailed information about each online casino option, all in one place and in an easy to read and compare format. They are totally independent sites that don’t work for any casino, so you can trust that the validity of their reviews is very strict and if a given casino doesn’t comply with the strict requirements of the review site- they don’t hesitate to blacklist them. 

Casino review sites establish a series of fundamental parameters about what a fair online casino is, where you will be able to consult all the necessary information about them. This information is kept up to date and will provide you with a detailed review of each website; including complaints, whether it is licensed and in which countries it operates, whether it pays out legitimate winnings, whether it does not include unfair clauses in its terms and does not resort to deception, as well as the fun stuff- like what types of games are offered and any bonuses or promotions that are employed. Which lets you get right back to playing. Which is the whole point anyway. 

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