COVID-19 Cases: The Switzerland-Ukraine Soccer Game Canceled!

Against Switzerland, LUCERNE, Switzerland, Ukraine’s Nations League game was canceled. It is happened just hours before the scheduled kickoff on Tuesday after six of its players tested positive for COVID-19.

During a statement, the Ukraine soccer federation said the game couldn’t follow after health officials within the Swiss canton (state) of Lucerne. However, he put its entire squad into quarantine. It disturbs the schedule, and Switzerland-Ukraine Soccer Game does not show on any Soccer streaming sites now.

Six Ukrainian players and one staffer are tested positive for COVID-19 in Switzerland. Moreover, as a part of mandatory pre-game screening before UEFA-organized games.

“The Ukrainian football association confirmed they need no other team, i.e. eligible players, ready to play the match, either today or tomorrow,” UEFA said Tuesday.

UEFA refers canceled games to its disciplinary panel for a verdict. It can order Ukraine to forfeit the game as a part of emergency competition rules during the coronavirus pandemic.

Those rules require national teams to play if they need 13 eligible players. Moreover, it including one specialist goalkeeper on-site who aren’t isolating in quarantine and have tested negative.

The second Nations League cancellation is within the current international break thanks to public restrictions to regulate the pandemic. Norway was unable to send a team to satisfy a fixture in Romania on Sunday.

The match Tuesday is decided which of Switzerland or Ukraine is relegated to the Nations League second tier from a gaggle that also includes Spain and Germany.

Ukrainian team officials had suggested two of the six players in question should are given UEFA clearance to play. The federation said Sergei Kryvtsov and Junior Moraes had antibodies after previously testing positive for COVID-19 while on Champions League duty with Shakhtar Donetsk.

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