A Beginner’s Guide to The Laravel Artisan Console

Artisan Command Line is one of the latest Laravel projects. The launch of this project has taken everyone by surprise. Laravel is one of the most popular frameworks that provides several default commands. Moreover, using these tasks, you can conduct a wide range of command-line tools. 

What is Laravel artisan? 

Laravel artisan is a command-line tool that helps in accessing the Laravel applications. One of the greatest benefits of this command-line tool is that it helps ease many functions. This further helps to ensure an easy web development process. 

If you aren’t familiar with what Laravel is, here’s everything you need to know. 

What are the different commands?

Many consider to outsource Laravel development. However, it is necessary to know the different commands. Some of the popular commands to consider are the following.

Starting the project: PHP artisan serve

Enabling caching mechanism: PHP artisan route: cache

Viewing the list of commands: PHP artisan list

If you are starting with Artisan, it is necessary to know the commands. 

How to write commands? 

Laravel artisan is all about writing commands accurately. With the help of listed commands in Artisan, the user can easily create a custom command. This custom command can be efficiently used for creating web applications. The command used for building web applications will be stored in the directory. 

After creating the default command, a default directory will be created. In the command section, you can also choose to schedule various tasks and define them accordingly. However, make sure to name the directors accurately. The commands will be stored in the array of commands, and it will be inclusive of the path and name of commands. 

After the registry of commands, it will be saved as Artisan commands. It may include values such as description and signature, which will be distributed accordingly depending on a specific command. It is necessary to have a default command. 

If you outsource Laravel development, you need to consult the developer about the requirements in the default command section. 


Laravel uses the Tinker as an interactive shell or read-eval-print loop. This is one of the most prominent programming environments which accepts inputs from users. As soon as they receive input, they will process and produce results for users. 

The programmers have convenience while using Tinker because it provides the benefit of being custom-made. 

How to install Tinker? 

To start using Laravel Artisan, developers need to have Tinker. However, Laravel has Tinker by default. But many programmers mistakenly delete Tinker. If you have deleted or uninstalled it, the composer can have a good source for downloading it. 

The command for installing Tinker includes

$ composer require laravel/tinker

Defining the commands

Laravel has artisan commands by default. However, there are different ways through which you can make the commands on your own. For new Laravel projects, you will need to create a command. 

How to create commands? 

Signature and class description are incredibly crucial for defining the command. Furthermore, it is also necessary to accurately describe the argument. Command logic is essential for the handle method as it can be helpful during the command execution process. 

Closure Commands

Most developers use controllers to contrast the closure commands. These closure commands are helpful for route closures. Therefore, similarly, you can create command classes and also use the closures for commands accordingly. 

This will play an essential role in managing the files. Moreover, it will also be easy to manage the logic. It is advisable to consider the console route accordingly. The kernel.php file will eventually save the files consequently. Furthermore, you can directly add the command to Artisan::command to call the arguments. This command calls the closure and command signature. 

What are type-hinting dependencies? 

When a data type is statically defined, either the function will return, or an argument will occur. This process is known as type-hinting. Depending on the requirement, command closures can also type-hint a particular dependency. This will only be valid when the developer calls it from the service container. 

If you want to describe the command closures, developers will need a purpose () method. Laravel has a set of documents that contains a list of essential functionalities and commands. 

Final Thoughts

Laravel brings in a lot of learning opportunities. With the help of Laravel artisan, the developers can easily create various programs. Laravel artisan can be one great place for beginner programmers to start their learning process. 

The official website of Laravel has a great documentation process. As a result, even when you’re stuck during coding, you can quickly learn from the official website. Developers need to practice the time-saving commands using the console. 

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