Wylda Rae Johnson is one of these celebrity kids who attracted tremendous attention from the media from the moment she was announced. As Wylda is relatively young, she is unlikely to gain popularity on her own, and thus most of the attention she receives comes from her famous parents.

In addition to being the first child of her mother and father, Wylda is also their first grandchild. Her parents pamper her, and they’re possessive of her. Her mom & dad kept Wylda’s identity hidden since she was born. Wylda Rae Johnson’s pictures were rarely shared to protect her from the paparazzi and the public. Wylda is no longer a toddler and goes out with her parents now.

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Quick Bio 

Category Information
Full Name Wylda Rae Johnson
Birthdate 2010
Age Around 13 years old (as of 2023)
Parents Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sam Taylor-Johnson
Career Passionate about fashion, art, and activism
Fashion Interested in sustainable and ethical practices, walked the runway at London Fashion Week for sustainable fashion
Art The accomplished artist whose work has been featured in exhibitions and galleries around the world
Activism Dedicated to social justice and equality, speaking out about issues such as climate change, gender equality, and racial justice
Personal Life No public information about her romantic or marital status

Birth and Childhood

On July 7, 2010, Wylda Rae Johnson was born into this world for the first time. Based on her birth date, she has the zodiac sign of cancer for her birthday. In addition to her birth and childhood, she was brought up in the center of the British city of London.

Her ethnicity is Caucasian, and she is British by descent. Her biological mother’s name is Sam Taylor Johnson, and her birth father is Aaron Taylor Johnson, both of which are her biological father’s names.

In addition, Wylda is very special to her parents in that she is the first child they have had together. Wylda’s parents were just engaged when she was born and were not yet married.

On behalf of the couple, their manager confirmed the news of their pregnancy. Wylda’s birth was announced in a tweet by Christopher Mintz (Wylda’s father’s then-costar). A tweet from him expressed his excitement regarding Wylda’s delivery.

Therefore, Wylda’s birth was nothing short of a celebration for her parents and well-wishers. Wylda’s arrival strengthened the bond between her parents, and after several years of Wylda’s birth, her parents were married.

Childhood and Education

Most of Wylda Rae Johnson’s childhood was spent in London. She grew up in Primrose Hill where her parents owned a substantial mansion. In 2016, when she was only six years old, her parents sold the villa.

In 2016, the property price dropped, causing the estate to trade lower than expected. There needs to be more information regarding the school she attends and the subjects she studies. By her age, Wylda must be in the sixth or seventh grade. Wylda’s parents are pretty educated, so they are concerned about Wylda’s education and development.

Body Measurements

She’s cute and tall, weighing 36kg and standing at 4 feet and 8 inches. Her height and weight might change because she’s growing. The color of Wylda’s hair and eyes is brown.

Wylda Rae Johnson


She’s the daughter of Sam Taylor Johnson,a famous filmmaker and photographer. Aaron Taylor (Father) is an English actor who’s appeared in several movies. He has also appeared on several TV shows over the years. She was born on 4 March 1967 in Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK, to a father born on 13th June 1990 and a mother born on 4 March 1967.

In addition to her older sister, Romy Hero Johnson was born on 18 January 2012. Additionally, she has two half-sisters from her mother’s first marriage. In 1997, she married Jay Jopling for the first time. In 1997, Angelica Jopling was born, and in 2005 was, Jessie Phoenix Jopling.


She has three siblings in total. She has two siblings from her mother’s first marriage: Angelica Jopling and Jessie Phoenix Jopling. Sam’s ex-husband inherited the title Jopling from his father.

Additionally, she has a younger sister named Romy Hero Johnson. There is something very charming about this family of six. There’s also an amazing squad of four sisters. Their eldest daughter, Angelica, is building a career as an actress based on her parents’ path.


Who is Wylda Rae Johnson?

She is the daughter of actors Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sam Taylor-Johnson. She is known for her passion for fashion, art, and activism.

How old is Wylda Johnson?

According to my knowledge cutoff of 2021, Rae Johnson was born in 2010, making her around 11 years old at the time of this interview.

What is Wylda Rae Johnson’s career?

Wylda, as a young child, has yet to embark on a career as a professional because she is still in her early childhood. However, she is known for her love of fashion, art, and activism, and she has already had a major impact on these fields through her passion for them.

Q: What is Rae Johnson’s involvement in fashion?

Wylda has shown a keen interest in sustainable and ethical fashion practices and walked the runway for a sustainable fashion line at London Fashion Week. In addition, she has used her social media platform to raise awareness about reducing waste and minimizing fashion's environmental impact.


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