What Questions to Ask before Choosing iPhone Screen Repairs in Sydney

Upgrading to the latest iPhone model is a style statement and adds to the number of conveniences you already enjoy with this device. Australia, and especially Sydney, is one of the largest markets for the iPhone. It is estimated that 12.8 billion dollars were spent on iPhone sales since 2012. 

However, iPhones are expensive, and if you have a broken screen, it would be far more feasible to repair the phone rather than replacing it. While you can always visit an Apple store to fix your iPhone, a screen repair can be conducted by any authorised mobile phone repair service. 

Here are some questions to ask while enquiring about the iPhone screen repairs in Sydney

How Much Time Will It Take To Repair The Screen?

You may always be busy, and like many others in Sydney, iPhone is your principal communication tool. Be it checking office emails or connecting with friends, you cannot stay from it for long. So ask how much time it would take to repair the screen. If it takes less than 30 minutes, you are good to go. With current working hours in Sydney at 9 hours, you might not get much time between your shifts to collect the phone. 

However, depending on your phone model and the available screen size, it could take longer. But most repair services will return your phone the same day. 

What about the Hours of Operations? 

Ask the store about the hours of operations. Will you be able to drop the phone on your way to work and pick it up the same evening? 

Hence, reliable repair shops in Sydney remain open from 10 am to 6 pm or 7 pm on weekdays. Also, choose a shop near your office or home. For example, if you work at Burwood or Newtown, find a shop in the same area.

How Much Will It Cost And Why Are They More Expensive Or More Affordable Than The Rest? 

If you feel that the iPhone screen repairs in Sydney cost you more, or the technicians are charging way lower prices than other repair stores, ask about the reasons. At times, repair services will charge lower than their rivals as a marketing strategy but make sure that it does not compromise service quality. 

You can compare the costs as most Sydney repair shops charge anywhere from $70 to $600 for screen repairs. If you can find a shop offering lower charges with reliable services, that’s where you need to go. 

What If You Find Your iPhone Is In Poorer Shape After The Repair?

While most authorised mobile repair service providers in Sydney make sure they hand back your phone unscathed apart from taking care of the screen repair, find out what happens if you find additional damages with the phone after you have left it with them. 

Some mobile phone repair services hence provide a free diagnostic for the iPhone. That way, you could find out about any pre-existing issue with the phone and get it repaired as well! If any other accidents that lead to your iPhone being compromised, you will be adequately compensated. 

iPhones are complex, and their mechanisms can be complicated for a novice technician to figure out. However, since there is no shortage of expert technicians in Sydney, getting your iPhone screen fixed will not be a problem here. Proper screen repairs will make sure your phone looks brand as new by the time you come to pick it up. 

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