What Makes Diamonds so Valuable?

Ever since they were found in India in the 4th-century, almost 900 million years ago, diamonds have held us enthralled and captured our imagination. They are considered to be a woman’s best friend, said to signify unending passion, and are amongst the most valuable things on the planet. Though we all know these, have we ever stopped to wonder what makes them this coveted?

Here are some reasons that make diamonds so valuable:


One of the most important reasons why diamonds are considered to be amongst the most valuable stones in the world is their unique and time-consuming process of formation.

They are formed almost 100 miles beneath the earth’s surface over millions of years after sustaining a lot of heat and pressure. And even after this, not all stones survive to become diamonds. A stone formed under these conditions will certainly be valuable.

Mining and polishing:

Since diamonds are found deep within the earth’s surface, extracting them is by no means easy. Diamond mining requires the use of expensive equipment such as trucks and hydraulic shovels that bring the diamonds to the surface of the earth.

Once they are extracted, cutting and polishing them is a high-precision job that is labor-intensive and extremely time-consuming. These increase the value of diamonds manifolds.


Another reason why diamonds are so treasured is because of how their value is arrived at. The real value of every diamond is determined by these four C’s.

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These include cut, clarity, colour, and carat. Only 30% of all the diamonds mined around the world match these standard quality guidelines, which is what makes them so valuable.

Physical properties:

Diamonds have amazing physical properties that make them one of a kind. They are one of the hardest materials on the planet. So much that they cut through marble, granite, and glass.

What’s more, diamonds can be broken but never scratched. They are thermal conductors, which are what makes them invaluable for a lot of other uses such as medicine and heavy industrial machinery, and more.


Not only do diamonds make a person who is wearing them wealthy and important, but they have also been a subject of many folklore. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that diamonds were the tears of gods and Hindus believed that they were created when bolts of lightning struck rocks. They signify courage, love, and good health and are said to promote strength and creativity. All these associations make us believe diamonds to have exquisite value.

They make stunning jewelry:

Diamonds are the perfect choice for making fabulous jewellery pieces. They are flawless and sparkle due to their refractive index, making jewellery pieces highly attractive. Not just this, they can be cut and shaped without them losing their sheen.

Since diamonds are amongst the most durable materials on the earth, your jewellery automatically becomes long-lasting. So much that diamond jewelleries are handed down generations as heirlooms. Check here to explore some of the most wonderful diamond jewellery designs.


One of the most obvious reasons why diamonds are so valuable is because that’s how they have been marketed as. They are marketed as rare products and with only a few worthy of them.

The standards of diamonds were set long ago by marketers as the only true gift that can exist and the one that signifies real passion and commitment. These taglines and how they played a role in shifting the psyche of consumers made diamonds a whole lot expensive and valuable.

Whatever be the reasons, diamonds will always be celebrated and loved as the most valuable creations on the earth.

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