What Is Belly Balm?

For all the stuff a pregnant woman has to think about, stretch marks shouldn’t be one! It can be a difficult period, from getting the prenatal supplements and monitoring what you consume, purchasing lots of baby things, making countless medical visits and attending birth lessons.

However, remaining calm and safe while you move through your pregnancy is crucial to reduce tension wherever you can. Which it can sound like a minor portion, the belly balm may be one item that may also support you during your pregnancy and postpartum.

What’s a Belly Balm?

Belly Balm is a skincare product created especially for the improvements that a pregnant woman undergoes when she undergoes the big business of raising an infant! Belly Balm is a substance produced from naturally relaxing herbs, oils and waxes that help improve the elasticity of the skin by ensuring that it is moisturized regularly.

If you are reading this, we realize that what you place on your skin is of interest to you. There’s no moment we become more conscious of what’s going on with our bodies than when we’re first pregnant or become a Mother. Apart from all the substances, additives and practices that we are advised to stop, there are still too many products that may do more damage than good in traditional skincare. Sifting through all the food ingredient lists can be so overwhelming and you and your baby will make the safest, normal and healthy decision.

That’s precisely why we’ve been trying to make fully safe (honestly, all of our balm ingredients come from plants!) body items for breastfeeding and motherhood that you can trust.

How does it work for you?

Belly balm is a wonder maker in motion! And while you would assume a formula that performs so good has to have sketchy ingredients that are not accurate at all. In reality, the best ingredients do come from the earth and are normal. Belly balm contains products that moisturize and hydrate the skin while it grows such that owing to oily and irritated skin it doesn’t get compromised by unsightly stretch marks. By making sure the skin is primed for the stretching that comes with breastfeeding, you will a the risk that stretch marks would ever develop in the first place!

  • Belly Balm has been developed in the second and third trimesters for use by breastfeeding Mums to protect the skin better while it spreads. The skin will become swollen, itchy and vulnerable to stretch marks as your abdomen, hips and other areas expand. We find several stretch-mark creams and petroleum-based oils that are sticky to contact and do not really feed your skin, not to mention that they are not bio-degradable.
  • The belly balm is perfect for breastfeeding mothers right after giving birth to help soothe the swollen and sore breasts. It will also help avoid more strain marks on breasts when the milk reaches.
  • But the belly balm shouldn’t only be for pregnant mothers! Belly balm will also help regular exercisers who are actively seeking to develop strength to get into the athletic shape of top point. This is because muscle building will cause so much stretching of the skin and create stretch marks! But also with the most extreme bodybuilders, belly balm will cure it.

What should you look for in a belly balm?

The best belly balms have a special blend of naturally hydrating ingredients and are absolutely healthy for use by pregnant women and people who are breastfeeding. You will certainly never choose to put something toxic or unnatural on your stomach, and the same goes with the balm on your ass. Look for items of the finest standard produced exclusively from plants such as cocoa butter, shea butter, lavender, rose seed oil, sunflower seed oil, jojoba seed oil , olive oil and vitamin E.

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