Video poker machines are one of the most popular options at casinos, and players love trying their luck on them. They’re the economic mainstay of Australian and American casinos. The Aussies even came up with their own name for poker machines – pokies! 

Like many other games, slot games have also transitioned to the digital landscape. Online pokies are top-rated in Australian casinos and are pretty exciting to play. Let’s dissect video poker machines and find out everything about them.

Who Invented Video Poker Machines?

Video poker machines have their origins in America. The first slot machine, what people called them in the 1900s, was invented by Charles August Fey. He was a Bavarian-born American inventor who also worked as a mechanic. 

Charles Fey invented the coin-operated slot machine that could be used to play a simple game called Liberty Bell in 1894. It became an instant hit with the Americans and slowly made its way to Australian shores. Despite slot machines being illegal, they really hit it off and became extremely popular with the Aussies. 

Why Are They Called Video Poker Machines?

Slots or video poker machines offer electronic card-type games based on five-card draw poker. The fixed-odds poker game is played on the screen, which displays the images of the cards being dealt. Since it’s a digital game, there’s a need to implement fair-play policies. Therefore, the top-rated casinos use video poker machines with integrated random number generators to give all players an equal chance at different outcomes.

They’re called poker machines because they’re based on popular games with the same name. In fact, both slots and video poker machines are called poker machines. 

Moreover, even different player outcomes in video poker machines are based on real poker. They’re the basis on which players earn rewards. Some of the other ranks and combinations include “3 of a kind,” “4 of a kind,” “full house,” and many more.

Slots vs. Video Poker Machines 

Video poker machines are also called poker slots because of the similar interface between the two games. Even the machine terminals at physical casinos are nearly identical. However, slots are a game of chance where you need to rely on luck.

On the other hand, video poker is a game of skill, and players can make decisions to affect the outcome. The way you play the hand you’re dealt in the game is the most significant deciding factor in whether or not you’re going to rake in a big reward.

Why Are There So Many Pokies and Poker Machines in Australia?

Australians love playing pokies. The country is famous for its gambling scene, and the locals are some of the most frequent casino players on the globe. You’ll find video poker machines and slots everywhere, from hotels and pubs to actual casinos. 

For a country that doesn’t even make up one percent of the world’s population, it is astonishing that Australia boasts twenty percent of the world’s pokies! Surprisingly, more than eighty percent of these are found outside of casinos. Australian poker machines are the biggest attraction in the country, and you’ll likely find the machines on every other block. No other country has more poker machines per person than Australia. Excluding casino-tourism destinations like Monaco or Macau, the land Down Under boasts a staggering 200,000 machines, one for every 114 people!

Pokies in Different Countries

Just like the Americans refer to poker machines as slot machines, every country has its own vocabulary and slang words associated with video poker machines. 

Australians call them pokies or poker machines. There’s widespread debate over the origins of the word. A popular belief is that pokies became the gamblers’ shorthand word since the game was based on poker. Some believe pokies originated from the process of poking coins into machines before the start of the game.

Similarly, the British have coined the term and call video poker machines a “fruit machines.” There are several other related words for slot machines that you might come across on your gambling journey:

  • Coin-operated machine
  • Slots
  • Coin machine
  • One-armed bandit
  • Vending machine
  • Gaming machine

We hope you liked reading this article about video poker machines. Gambling is a fun sport if you do it in moderation, and poker-based games are some of the most popular titles. Try your luck at an online pokies game if you like playing poker!


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