Website Tips for Businesses in Brisbane

In the year 2017-2018, Brisbane has had more than 127,000 businesses open. These businesses have been serving 2,338,000 people since 2018, and the population has grown to 2,406,000 in 2020. With millions of people in Brisbane, businesses need to figure out how they can improve their business to satisfy its growing population. A reason behind their continued success is their website.

But how can a simple website bring in more company to the business? It’s as easy as hiring UX Designers Brisbane as these website developers help all kinds of businesses in Brisbane build websites that are both appealing and functional. Before they have their website created or optimized, they need to know a few tips to create a successful website. 

Choosing the Perfect Theme 

Websites need to have a certain theme that can match with the company. An example would be a bank website. Bank websites need to be formal-looking and organized as any service that involves handling money requires a great amount of trust. Clients may lose interest in connecting with a bank website that lacks the information they need and has too many unnecessary features. Most clients nowadays rely on digital or online banking, so customer satisfaction is highly dependent on these websites.

The theme should always be visually appealing, responsive, fit the brand’s image, loads fast, and must function on any browser. Once the theme has these essential pieces, the website is on its first step to becoming great.

SEO Optimized

Even with the perfect website theme, how can businesses generate income if no one knows of their existence? That is where SEO comes into play. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential to help websites determine what most people are looking for and how they can easily find the website. 

Ranking in search engines like Google is the key to success. Some businesses pay to advertise and place their name on the first page of the search results. There is a better solution than to pay your way to the top, and SEO can achieve that. Several statistics showed that at least 40% of people would instantly leave the site when the site loads for more than 3 seconds. An efficient method to lessen page load times is by deleting heavy pictures or videos that are unnecessary. 

Works on All Devices

Nowadays, phones are everywhere and used by everyone. In fact, people use their phones more than their computers, and some businesses still have their websites only optimized for desktop computers. When it comes to your website, make sure that the UX Designers in Brisbane can optimize the website to work on both phones and computers. A study conducted by Statista back in 2017 reported that at least 49.7% use their phones to view websites. Businesses that don’t have their website optimized for phones should create a way to serve the other 50%.

Use High-Quality Videos and Photos in Product Pages

Incorporating high-quality photos and videos is one way to grab their attention and make them stay on the site for more than 10 seconds. These features are essential when it comes to showing off a product. When they see the visuals, they will be tempted to find out more about the product. 

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