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Model Vera Dijkmans is one of the most famous names on Instagram and a model that is admired by many. Because she has a self-titled Instagram account, she has become quite famous. Her curvy physique is evident throughout her modeling career through the images she poses in her preferred stylish outfit.

Her originality, talent, and versatility have made her one of the most well-known young musicians, and she uses social media to spread a wide range of original content and her extraordinary skills in music through her social media profiles. It is estimated that she has millions of followers on her Instagram account. 

Discover all the information you need about Vera Dijkmans’ age, height, weight, boyfriend, body measurements, career, family, net worth, and all the other things you want to know about her.

Age & Nationality

Her birthday is January 19, 1997. Her age is 25. She has Dutch nationality and is mixed race. The zodiac sign of her is Capricorn. She was born in the Netherlands. She has no idea who her parents are. Her siblings are also alive. Her education is good.


During the meetings where Dijkmans met her fans, she used old pictures of Dijkmans to impart the history of her life. Every year on January 19, Vera smothers her birthday candles. Her current age is 26 years old. She is originally from the Netherlands.

The singer revealed in a media interview that she faced embarrassment in school when she was 15 because of her massive butt. After that, she quit school. Choosing to be a model, she didn’t pursue investigations.

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Her career began with the creation of her Instagram account, veradijkmans. It was in November 2015 that she uploaded her first public post on her profile and began sharing her beautiful images. Her modeling pictures have been consistently uploaded over the past six years, resulting in millions of followers.

Her account has over 4.2 million followers, but she only follows 126 individuals. Under the username veradijkmansofficial, she has recently launched an exclusive account for her fans. Her post count on the platform is over 25, and she has gained over 45k likes to date.

Height & Weight

Vera Dijkmans is a Dutch model who stands five feet eight inches tall, one meter, and eighteen centimeters tall. She weighs approximately 57 kilograms (124 pounds). Her eyes are a beautiful dark brown, and her hair is golden. There are 36 inches in height, 28 inches in width, and 42 inches in length on her body.


Vera was born in Hague, Netherlands, and raised there. There is no further information available about her parents and siblings. We will keep you updated as soon as data becomes available. There are a couple of well-known actresses, such as Mia Malkova and Little Caprice.

Boyfriend and Affairs

Vera is unmarried, and we know nothing about her relationships or affairs. We’ll keep you guys updated as information becomes available.

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Net Worth

Vera Dijkmans earns a commendable income as an influencer. Approximately $600,000 is estimated to be her net worth, and sponsorships and subscriptions are her primary sources of revenue. Check out her different sources of earnings below.

A sponsorship: She has almost five million followers on Instagram and gains thousands of followers daily. There are 438k average likes on her page, with an engagement rate of 10%. In other words, she is estimated to earn $8,421 and $14,035, respectively, from sponsored posts on Instagram.

As a result, brands are interested in partnering with her to promote their brand or product through sponsored posts.

Paid Subscription: Her paid subscribers are the only ones who receive exclusive content from her, and she uses only fans to share it. By paying $10 per month, one can subscribe to her platform to listen to her content. However, they get a 50% discount if they subscribe for a year. Approximately one thousand subscribers are estimated to be paying subscribers of hers.


  • She is a native of Hague, the Netherlands, and hails from Vera Dijkmans’s family. There are more than 2.5 million followers on her Instagram account.
  •  The color white is one of her favorite colors.
  •  Her favorite thing to do is go to the beach and the ocean.
  • Her favorite place to go on vacation is Australia.
  •  Her hobbies include traveling and taking photographs.


In Conclusion, Vera Dijkmans is a Dutch model and influencer known for her curvy physique and popular Instagram account. She has gained millions of followers and has become well-known for her modeling career. Vera is 25 years old, has Dutch nationality, and was born on January 19, 1997.

She has not revealed much information about her family or relationships. With a net worth estimated at around $600,000, she earns income through sponsorships and paid subscriptions. Vera continues to share her modeling images and engage with her followers on social media.


Who is Vera Dijkmans ?

The model is from the Netherlands and is an exclusive model for Onlyfans.

How tall is Vera Dijkmans?

Her height is 5 feet and 10 inches, and she weighs 115 pounds.

Who is Dijkman’s beau?

She does not have a boyfriend at the moment.

Who is Dijkmans guardians?

There was no place where Vera ever discussed the topics of her family.


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