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As one of the most famous Vloggers in the world right now, Veibae has gained immense popularity. As of June 6, 1995, Veibae was born in a suburban neighborhood of Birmingham, England, in a place known as Regent’s Park.

As of 2023, she will be 28 years old. There has been a lot of interest given to the beautiful VTuber ever since she started streaming on Twitch.

An English woman called Veibae, who lives in the United Kingdom and makes videos for YouTube, is an English woman. On April 9, 2021, she joined VShojo after working independently for a number of years as a VTuber.

She is the most popular English VTuber in Japan, with over 630k followers, and she is also an accomplished English speaker. When Veibae’s videos went viral online, Twitch streams were only available to people over the age of 18.

 Many people started looking for her real name,  real face, and age, among other things.

In this article, we will explore all things about Veibae face reveal age, real name, height, social media handle,networth, and some facts.


According to Twitter pictures and videos of Vtuber Veibae’s face reveal, many people think she’s 17 or 20. Veibae was born in Birmingham, England, on June 6, 1995.

As of this year, she is 28, so we can confidently say that she is not a teenager, contrary to the speculations of most fans.

Her ancestry is Japanese, but she has never visited Japan. As a result, she speaks both Japanese and English. She was born and brought up in the town she grew up in.

Real Name

Despite Veibae’s face reveal, fans still don’t know her real name even though they know what she looks like. Her fans still call her Veibae because it’s still a mystery. Her fans and friends call her “Vei.”

Veibae Face Reveal

Veibae Face Reveal possesses straight hair,  long blue eyes, and pointy ears, so she is a succubus. Her head is adorned with two horns. As she changed into a maid’s outfit and a schoolgirl’s outfit, she turned into a Japanese schoolgirl. 

Her first appearance in 2D also featured a black-and-white outfit customized just for her. Veibae is a British Twitch streamer,  YouTuber, and social media marketing star. She has gained a lot of followers on Twitch for her online electronic uploads. 

Right now, she has approximately 350,000 followers on her live-streaming platform. In an April 12, 2019, Facebook post, a Twitch star posted a picture of a woman.

Her face has never been seen by the public, but these assertions are supported by some evidence. You can find quantitative data or information on the Internet, and there is a numerical way to tell if it is her photo.

Veibae Face

Veibae Face Reveal Reddit

There have been several claims to have seen the face in Veibae’s Twitch video. As well as virtualizing on Reddit, the video also attracted exposure on YouTube.

The fans have been eagerly looking forward to the appearance of Babe’s real face for a very long time. Maybe this video was made to get fans to buy stuff or for some other purpose.

Twitter videos showing Baby Bae’s face were also very widely watched.  As a result, people are really upset when the results do not differ from those they expected.

She uses Veibae’s Tweet as her Twitter name since she can’t find the real name of her favorite celebrity. Instagram is also an excellent place to find Veibae’s face reveal videos.

Why is Veibae Famous?

After gaining a fanbase in mainstream Twitch audiences in 2021, Vibei’s popularity increased. In addition to featuring other VTubers, she has also collaborated with non-VTube streamers such as Robert “Roflgator” Malecki, Lacari, Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris, and many others. Vibei has posted pictures of her personal life on her social media accounts, while most VTubers keep their personal lives separate from their online personas. 

Although Veibae does not use Instagram, she shared her stance with her fans. A number of pictures of her have been posted on Twitter recently. Fans are able to relate to her on a more personal level because of this. Vibei began streaming games like Black Desert Online and Overwatch. According to Twitch views, those two titles still dominate the market.


Approximately 5 feet 6 inches tall, Veibae weighs 58 kilograms and stands 5 feet 6 inches tall. The color of her hair is black, and the color of her eyes is brown.

Relationship Status

In addition to being known as Sodapoppin, Thomas Chance Morris is currently dating Veibae-. Since Veibae and Sodapoppin’s special relationship came to light in recent weeks, they have made headlines continuously.

As they neared their last option for the year 2021, the couple was discovered on-stream. In spite of the whirlpool of episodes they endured during their short relationship, Chance and Veibae have maintained significant strengths. Earlier this year, Mizkif commented on the couple’s relationship and explained that they met via Parasocial.

As a result, they began spending more time together on Discord. Their relationship eventually evolved into something else. A stream featuring Rob “Roflgator,” Chance’s Twitch decoration that remains the couple’s constant companion, was one of their earliest attempts to demonstrate their closeness.

Social Media

The number of followers of Veibae’s social media accounts, such as Twitter,  YouTube, and Twitch, is growing every day. Her Twitch followers number 850k, and her average viewership is 10k to 13k per stream. Her Twitter followers number 450k, and her YouTube subscribers number 600k.

Net Worth

She makes money by live streaming on social media. She makes most of her money through Twitch and YouTube.Her net worth is estimated to be around $400,000. In an article published by Socialblade, it is reported that she makes anywhere between $160,000 and $2,600 per month from YouTube.

Her first YouTube video received nearly 2 million views within 24 hours of being posted. Her YouTube earnings last year were about $25,000. More than 3,700 people subscribe to Veibae’s Twitch channel. Taking her math into account, she could make about $16,000 per month if she joined.

Twitter Controversy

There has been some controversy on Twitter regarding the reveal of Veibae’s face.

August 2020

Numerous hints have been made to show that Veibae’s face is going to appear in the future. Her August 2020 tweet states, “I wanna take off my mask so bad, but I’m afraid people will take pictures of me when I’m not ready.

” This tweet implies that Veibae is frightened about her privacy and the possibility that people may photograph her without her permission.

May 2021

Nevertheless, Veibae suggested that she was more open to revealing her face in another tweet from May 2021. Apparently, Veibae is gradually becoming more comfortable with the idea of showing her face to her fans, as she wrote: “I’m getting more and more comfortable with the idea.” Clearly, Veibae is gradually becoming more confident with the idea of showing her face to her fans.

Although Veibae has provided some hints, it is unclear when or if she will reveal her face. She has clearly considered revealing her face in the past, even though she is clearly nervous of her suckers’ curiosity.

There has been no public reveal of Veibae’s face yet. However, her engaging content and distinctive personality have helped her build a large following on social media. There is no doubt that her fans appreciate her for who she is, regardless of her appearance.

Veibae may not have revealed her face for a number of reasons. She may value her privacy and want to separate her online presence from her particular life. Her confidentiality and freedom may also be important to her. Despite not showing her face, Veibae has achieved a successful career.

September 2021

Veibae caused a Twitter controversy in September 2021 when someone posted a photo claiming to be her. Many suckers assumed it was Veibae’s face as the photo quickly went viral.

However, Veibae immediately disputed that the photo was her, saying she would never have exposed her face like that. In a show of support for Veibae, many of her fans quickly came to her defense, and some of them even started the hashtag#ProtectVeibae as a sign of their support.

Those who had eagerly awaited Veibae’s face reveal were disappointed that it wasn’t Veibae. Veibae’s Twitter controversy spotlights the intense curiosity and rumors surrounding her online persona. Veibae’s fans are fiercely protective of her privacy, which shows how close she is to them.

Veibae Face

Interesting facts

• Veibae’s supporters believe, based on her face reveal, she resembles a young female.

• As of May 4, 2020, Veibae has more than 500k subscribers on her YouTube channel.

  • Approximately 400k people follow Veibae on Twitter, and 850k people follow him on Twitch. Despite this, she does not have an Instagram account, as stated in her Twitch bio.
  • The couple has been dating since January 2022, when Chance “Sodapoppin” started dating VTuber Veibae.


Hopefully, you will enjoy Veibae’s, Face Reveal. The post in this article covers Veibae’s Real Face and other details like her Name, Age, Net Worth, and Wiki. Vtuber Veibae has an enormous following on Twitch.

Due to her anonymity, her work and exceptional talent are all the more fascinating. The strong sense of community she has created has also been attributed to her engaging personality. The anonymity of many Vtubers is important to them.

Veibae periodically connects with her fans on Twitter and shares snapshots of her real life. In addition to her, several other prominent social media influencers are managed by VShojo. Veibae fans continue to support and enjoy her content even after their concern about Veibae’s face reveals their real name and age.

FAQS on Veibae Face Reveal

There are some frequently asked questions about Veibae Face Reveal that you may find useful

The real name of Veibae is?

Originally from the UK, Veibae is now a virtual YouTuber living in the UK. In the Japanese community, she is also recognized for being an English VTuber. Her Twitch streams are mostly 18+, and she is also a Twitch streamer.

What is the relationship between Veibae and Soda?

Both of them are confirmed to be committed to each other. As they revealed in their statement, they had "ironically" gotten engaged and had ordered affordable rings from Amazon to represent their commitment to each other.

Is there a reason why Veibae banned it?

In her debut stream, Veibae zoomed on her stomach, which resulted in a one- or three-day ban.

What is Veibae’s real age?

As far as Veibae's true age is concerned, she has kept a low profile when it comes to her public engagements. According to the prevailing opinion, she will be 28 as of the year 2023, so it seems logical to assume that.

What do you think of Veibae as a succubus?

Veibae is a succubus with blue eyes, pointed ears, white hair, and a long black tail with an appearance comparable to a lion's tail. In her 2D model, her horns are dark red, whereas in her previous 3D model, they were black. In terms of clothing, she has a wide selection to choose from. In the beginning, she wore a pink jumpsuit as her first outfit.

Do you know Veibae’s nationality?

As far as her nationality is concerned, she is of English descent. Veibae is an English female VTuber who is located and based in the United Kingdom. On April 9, 2021, she became an independent VTuber for VShojo, after working as an independent VTuber for a number of years.


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