Do you know the AWS Certification value? Do you know how many advantages there are in taking up this certification? Do you know what are the various jobs that you can get once you finish up the AWS certification?! Don’t worry we have got you covered. We will answer your questions in this comprehensive blog. If you want to learn AWS and become an AWS Solutions Architect, look no further. AWS Solutions Architect certification is a corporate learning course that boosts your AWS Knowledge and upgrades your skillset.

What is AWS Certification?

AWS Certification verifies cloud competence, allowing people to showcase in-demand talents and businesses to form successful, innovative teams for AWS cloud operations. Select from a variety of certification examinations organized by position and expertise to help individuals and organizations achieve their specific objectives.

Why Do We Need AWS Certification?

The following are the benefits that you need to know about AWS certification.

  • You can display your AWS Certification success with digital badges on your social media and email signatures which will be beneficial to let people know about your success.
  • It is more popular. Most of the companies are adopting Amazon Web Services.
  • It shows your dedication levels to learning cloud technology.
  • You will become an expert in cloud computing, especially AWS.
  • It involves many concepts that make you proficient in AWS.
  • It helps you stand out from the crowd.

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What are the Jobs Can We Get with AWS Certification?

Certifications in Amazon Web Services can lead to a variety of high-paying, upcoming IT jobs. However, which AWS jobs are you qualified for once you’ve completed your AWS certification exams? People with AWS experience might choose from a variety of work options. Here are the top AWS jobs you can earn with an AWS certification. We will also see the salary trends of these AWS jobs in this section.

  • AWS Cloud Architect

With AWS certification, you can get into the AWS Cloud Architect role. A Cloud Architect is in charge of transforming a project’s technical specifications into the architectural design that will drive the final result. Cloud Architects are frequently in charge of bridging the gap between complicated business challenges and cloud-based solutions. The salary of an AWS Cloud Architect is $1,59,116.

  • Cloud DevOps Engineer

A Cloud DevOps Engineer is in charge of ensuring that production processes are smooth and that service dependability and delivery pace are balanced. They know how to design software delivery pipelines, install and manage applications, and handle and recover from issues using Google Cloud. $125,026 is the average pay a Cloud DevOps Engineer gets.

  • Cloud Software Engineer

A cloud engineer is an IT expert who is in charge of all technical aspects of cloud computing, such as development, management, administration, maintenance, and support. They create and deploy cloud-based applications, transfer on-premise systems to the cloud, and troubleshoot cloud stacks. A Cloud Software Engineer’s average annual pay is $97701.

  • Cloud Developer

Cloud developers construct programs that run over the internet. Cloud Developers’ job is essentially similar to that of software engineers or web developers, with the exception that the applications they create operate on virtual computers. They’ll devote time to analyzing customer requirements, designing services and solutions, writing code, and bug fixing. The salary for a cloud developer will be $127,353 per annum.

  • AWS Solutions Architect

A certified AWS Solutions Architect is a cloud computing professional who designs the architecture and executes an organization’s cloud resources. They are in high demand due to their extensive expertise and awareness of technological cloud strategy. The annual salary for an AWS Solutions Architect is $150,000.

  • SysOps Administrator

To improve service delivery, an AWS SysOps Administrator is responsible for providing the requisite expertise about cloud computing, IT, and business applications. Certified AWS SysOps Administrators, in particular, are in great demand since they deliver high-quality services. Moreover, a SysOps Administrator earns $109,262 per annum.

  • AWS Networking Specialist

As a networking professional on AWS, you’ll create a safe, robust, and high availability network architecture while handling network security, hybrid IT connectivity, network interaction with other AWS services, routing approaches, and network troubleshooting needs. And, The annual income of an AWS Networking Specialist is $126,900.

Bottom Line

Hereby, we have concluded that various successful career options with high-paid salaries are only possible with an AWS Certification. AWS Certification is not just any other certification. It has the ability to upgrade your skills and make you ready to work with AWS infrastructure. This helps you prove that you are worthy of any cloud role. I hope you have found this information useful.


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