Vaping has been in the spotlight for a while, and it doesn’t seem to be fading out anytime soon. This is not surprising as it has enjoyed wide acceptance due to the benefits. Vaping stands out compared to other nicotine delivery methods because it helps avoid many of the health issues that come with them.

In addition, vaping is less messy and less invasive on body organs and provides a way to break the excessive dependence on nicotine. This article will shed light on vape juice and all essentials you need to know.

What is contained in an E-liquid

What is contained in an E-liquid?

Vape juice or e-liquid is the primary substance in a vape device. It is made up of three, and at times, four main ingredients:

  1. Vegetable Glycerin
  2. Propylene Glycol
  3. Flavor
  4. Nicotine (optional)

Each ingredient has a specific function they play in the vaping experience.

Propylene Glycol (PG)

PG is one by-product of petroleum, a colorless, odorless liquid with a medium syrup texture. It carries the vape juice flavor and is responsible for the throat hit that simulates the experience of other nicotine delivery devices.

PG is certified safe to use, and the FDA approves it. There are no known long-term effects, neither is it cancerous due to lack of detailed studies.

It is a food additive that can retain moisture and combine with other ingredients to become thicker. PG is widely used in dressing food, ice creams, and cakes. It also finds application in the cosmetic industry as it is used as a mouthwash, toothpaste, lotions, and deodorant.

In vape juice it is a carrier for the flavor. Being the thinner of the two components, cleaning it off the vape device is easy.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

VG is thicker and comes from palm trees, animal fat, and soybeans. It is thick with a texture similar to vegetable oil, even though with a remarkable difference from PG. It is FDA-approved and considered safe for use.

It finds application in the food industry as a sweetener. The sweet aftertaste helps in retaining moisture and can accommodate a series of components. It is common in many processed foods, yogurts, baked food, cheese, and many others.

While vaping, VG is responsible for the amount of vapor. High VG content in the vape juice is responsible for thicker clouds of vapor. People who partake in vaping competitions do go for juice with a high VG ratio. It is soft and gives a smooth throat hit.

Due to the thickness, it takes a while before the coil becomes saturated with it. As a result, it might also be responsible for a dry hit that some vapers experience. The thick consistency also makes it a bit difficult to clean off the tank.


Nicotine might also be one of the ingredients in your vape juice, depending on your choice. However, it is possible to vape with tfn vape juice as well, for people not keen on traditional flavor intake who want to vape just for its fun.

However, people with a deep addiction to other nicotine delivery devices, who want to beat the habit, need some level of nicotine in their vape juice. Such people can gradually taper down the nicotine strength of their vape juice until they can vape completely without nicotine.


Natural and Organic Vape Juice

Some e-liquids claim to be organic. However, that a firm claimed that its product is organic does not mean the products are organic. Food items, medications, fruits, etc., can only be agreed certified if they meet some conditions specified by USDA. The conditions are:

  • The production did not include methods like ionizing radiation, genetic engineering, and others
  • Production only had certain substances specified on the USDA site
  • Supervised by a certified agent from the USDA national organic program, complying with all USDA organic regulations.

Vape Juice and a Strong Throat Hit

Some people love the harsh feeling they get on the back of their heads when using various nicotine delivery devices. As a result, people switching to vaping might long for this feeling. The trick is in the vape juice. One needs a vape juice with a higher PG ratio to achieve this.

While a VG to PG ratio of 50:50 might give the needed throat hit for many vapers, one might need to opt for a more substantial PG ratio like 40:60 for a better throat hit.

When using a vape juice with a high PG ratio, ensure you don’t suck too much air in as well. This is essential to avoid coughing. For a high PG vape juice, one needs to use a device specified for MTL vaping, especially if the nicotine content is also high.

Vape Juice and Cloud Chasing

The trick is also in the VG to PG ratio for people fascinated by solid clouds of vapor. Such vape juice will typically possess a higher VG ratio, like VG: PG in the ratio of 80:20, 70:30, etc.

Even though VG is responsible for the clouds, one needs an advanced vape kit as the battery needs to supply better power. Also, the coil needs to handle such thick juice and power adequately. In other words, the resistance of such a coil needs to be lower, ideally below 1 ohm. Also, the holes need to be wider so they can absorb the vape juice well.

Selecting the Flavor

Most times, flavor choice is pretty personal. There is no best flavor, as it depends on how thick your box is. Also, experimenting with various flavors is the best way to get what will keep you going.

However, based on evidence, starting with a non-traditional flavor can make the transition to a vape device successful.

Selecting the Flavor


Good knowledge of your vape juice can influence the enjoyment of your vape device. This article has explored several things you need to know to have a good time using your vape device.


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