Types of Cooler: All You Need to Know 

When it comes to home cooling appliances, people opt for air conditioners. Air conditioners indeed provide better comfort and cooling effects than air coolers, but at the same time consume a lot of electricity, increasing your household bills during the summer months. That’s why people prefer to choose air coolers because they provide enough fresh air to save you from the humidity and heat. Not everyone can afford an air conditioner. But air coolers are comparatively more affordable, easily maintainable, and portable too! If you are thinking of buying a new air cooler, go through the major types of air coolers you can choose from. 

As the name suggests, these are big sized air coolers that cool a larger area. They are more powerful and  big and hence difficult to be shifted. These tower coolers are extremely effective in cooling larger spaces in a short period, as they circulate fresh air vertically. Because of their large shape, they are difficult to maintain. However, maintaining these coolers is important to let them function efficiently. These coolers consist of a water and fan cooling system. While functioning, they make as little noise as possible. Features of these coolers are dust filter net, 4-way deflection mechanism, cooling pads, mosquito-free nets, etc.  Before you spend for a long run on these, try them and see if it suits your need or not by availing furniture on rent in thane, Bandra, and other places in Mumbai. 

  • Personal Coolers

These air coolers are small in size and are best suited for small living rooms. Because of their small size, they are the easiest to be carried. They are often popularly called mini air coolers. Personal coolers consume low electricity levels, thus saving enough energy. We have already mentioned they are light in weight, which makes it easier for homeowners to shift them from one room to the other as and when required. Though they are small, they have all necessary features incorporated in them like inverter compatibility, water drain plug, honeycomb cooling pads, etc. 

  • Window Coolers

As the name goes, these are best when installed on the window frame. Window air coolers do not consume any space inside the house. It consists of a tank which can be placed outside the window. People using window coolers are satisfied with their high-quality cooling effects. These coolers are a bit expensive than the ones mentioned above, but are entirely worthy of the price. They too need more care and good maintenance. 

Additionally, they consume less electricity, thus saving you from paying high electricity bills. 

  • Desert air coolers

These are best suited for areas having high temperatures and low humidity. In short, desert air coolers are best suited for desert areas. These coolers evaporate heat from atmospheric air and push the cool air outside. Desert air coolers perform better in enclosed spaces. They efficiently control the high temperature in desert areas, keeping the rooms fresh and cool. 

As you can see, there are a variety of air coolers to choose from. In most aspects, air coolers are a better option. They are affordable, energy-efficient, portable, and low on maintenance. If you are unsure about which air cooler to buy, you can look for a cooler on rent near meHowever, your choice of cooler must depend on factors like the region you live in, the design you prefer, space available, and the temperature of that region. 


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