Types & Benefits of Fleece Blankets

Who does not love to snuggle up in a beautiful and cozy blanket while watching a movie for sleeping on a moderately cold night? Blankets are both practical and stylish options for a place. They serve port as sophisticated home decor as when as a source of comfort for the users. Nowadays, you see a wide range of blankets, including wool, fluffy, and fleece blankets.

All of these high-quality throws are versatile when it comes to their designs and thermal insulation. If chosen correctly, they can bring you incredible comfort and prove a great addition to any home. They are functional for the whole year provided that you choose them according to the climatic condition of your area and your body type. Other than just styling your bed, they perform various functions such as adding a stylish touch to sofas, settees, couch, daybeds, and armchair. In this article, we will specifically be talking about fleece blankets, their benefits, and some styling tips.

What are fleece blankets?

These blankets are made from a specific type of fabric called fleece. They are particularly popular because no sewing is involved in their manufacturing, and all the process is done by high-pressure machines. Fleece blankets do not fray when cut; therefore, they do not require hemmings at all. They are available in a large variety of colors and prints. Based on the difference of fabric composition fleece blankets can be classified into the following categories;



It is one of the most commonly used for making fleece blankets. Microfleece is water repellent and wicks away moisture from the body, which makes it ideal for blankets and throws. For colder months, microfleece fabric is a great option not only for the blankets but also for the nightwear.

Polar fleece:

It is the most economical type when it comes to fleece blankets. Polar fleece blankets are thicker and softer than microfleece. They are moisture absorbent but keep the moisture in it for some time and do not let it evaporate so quickly. They are also hot and prove brilliant for frosty winter nights. They are available in fantastic colors and a wide range of designs as well.

Bamboo and cotton fleece:

There is a common misconception that only petroleum derivatives and coastal ones are used for making fleece blankets. Bamboo and cotton are also in the list of fleece manufacturing materials. They are soft, fluffy, and comfortable. Bamboo and cotton fleece have soft fur on one of its sides. It is well suited for all kinds of interiors and available in various colors that are particularly suited to everyone’s taste. If you are looking for something contemporary as well as comfortable, you should opt for bamboo and cotton fleece blankets.

Composition and care techniques

Fleece blankets have for one of their sides, some of these have knitted, or woven texture dad does not fray when cut and result in the cross-grain stretch.

When it comes to their care and handling, they are domestic washable. But they do not support machine washing and are prone to pilling. Some of their types get small balls on their surface after a few washes, so you are advised to check the anti-pill label while buying them.

It would be best if you also are careful while storing them because friction can drop their surface and make their texture rough. Always fold them carefully and pack them in a fabric bag before storing. Also, if you see the small balls on the surface, use a razor blade and clean them gently.

Benefits of fleece blankets

They are super soft, lightweight, and thermally insulated. Generally, they are obtained from acrylic and petroleum products, which make these blankets hypoallergenic and suitable for those suffering from skin or respiratory allergies. Being lightweight, they are an ideal choice for the entire year. Moreover, they are easy to store, clean, and handle. Compared with other materials, they are available at affordable rates.

So if you are looking for an affordable alternative of expensive toppers, go for a fleece blanket without having a second thought.

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