Trini Mitchum

Trini Mitchum was a Hollywood actor, director, and writer born in Los Angeles, California, on October 16, 1942. His father was Hollywood legend Robert Mitchum, whose iconic roles in classic films left a lasting impression on the film industry.

Trini pursued a career in acting, following in his father’s footsteps, but needed assistance finding substantial roles. Nevertheless, he succeeded in pursuing his passion for filmmaking despite many obstacles, and his legacy lives on through his work as a filmmaker.

In this article, we will discuss the biography of Trini Mitchum, her early life, career, death, and other aspects of her life.

Early Life 

The real name of Trini Mitchum is Petrine Day Mitchum. She was born in Los Angeles, California, on March 3, 1954. According to her birth chart, she possesses the characteristics of a Pisces. Her father is Robert Mitchum, and her mother is Dorothy Mitchum. Her ethnicity is white, and she was born in the country. 

Everyone in the family loved her because she was the youngest. Her discipline was shaped by her father’s strict disapproval of her foolishness, and he had a more significant impact on her than anyone else. 

Her childhood friend was Christopher Mitchum, while James Mitchum was one of her brothers. The mother of Trini passed away on April 12, 2014, and the father of Trini passed away on July 1, 1997, both of which were caused by lung cancer.

Professional Career 

Trini has always been interested in movies and acting since she was a child. She finally got her dream role in The Mechanic, where she played Charles Bronson because her parents supported her.

Even though she only appeared for a few minutes in this movie, she was already a big name. Her passion for entertainment was further demonstrated in several short-length documentaries she wrote over the next few years.

Trini Mitchum

Height and weight

Mitchum is described as a beautiful and intelligent woman with good height and physique, but her exact age is unknown; she is currently 67. We’ll also find out more about her.

Parents & Siblings

As a young woman, Mitchum was born on the streets of Los Angeles on March 3, 1954, in the United States of America. She is the daughter of Robert Mitchum and Dorothy Mitchum.

She is married to a white man, who is also of white heritage. In addition to Christopher Mitchum, James Mitchum is also her brother.

Because Mitchum was the family’s youngest member, he was adored by all. Due to the limited ability of her father to tolerate her idiocy, she benefited in terms of training and was affected more than her peers as a result.

Is Trini Mitchum Married?

 Trini was engaged in the past, but she’s unmarried right now. The details of her former relationships or partners are a little mysterious, despite her notoriety. Trini isn’t revealing anything about her private life because she’s sequestered. Maybe she’s met some handsome guys before. Trini will find the love of her life, someone who cares for and loves her.

Net worth 

Even though Trini Mitchum did not experience success in her film career, she retains a considerable brand value as the most versatile actress capable of playing various roles in supporting roles.

Additionally, she was a role model for women seeking independence. Currently, the actress’s net worth is approximately $100,000. In addition to Christopher Mitchum’s $10 million net worth, another brother has earned roughly $1 million from his professional career.


She passed away at 75 on November 11, 2017, after a short illness. He left behind a legacy of writing and directing that showcased his talents, despite not achieving the same success as his father.


Trini struggled to succeed in Hollywood despite her acting, writing, and directing talent. He remained passionate about his craft. As his legacy reminds us, box office numbers do not always determine success in the film industry. Instead, it is determined by the individual contribution to the art form.


Who was Trini Mitchum?

She was born in Los Angeles, California, on October 16, 1942, and became an actor, writer, and director. In addition to being the son of Hollywood legend Robert Mitchum, he was also an actor.

What films did Trini appear in?

Trini starred in several films, including "Goodbye Again," "Black Spurs," and "The Beatniks." However, he struggled to obtain substantial roles in movies and was often overshadowed by his father's success.

When did Mitchum pass away?

Mitchum, 75 years old, passed away on November 11, 2017, after a long illness.

What was Mitchum’s directorial debut?

Mitchum made his directorial debut with the 1971 film Thunder Road, based on his father's hit song. Mitchum's talents as a filmmaker were showcased in the critically acclaimed film.

What did Mitchum do after leaving Hollywood?

Mitchum, who left Hollywood to become a photographer and a surfboard maker in Hawaii, lived there for a few years after leaving Hollywood.

Did Trini return to acting?

Mitchum returned to the film industry in the 1990s and appeared in several low-budget films, including "Blood Justice" and "The Dark Power." He also appeared in the 2000 film "Big Eden."


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