The SMS service market is segregated based on component, enterprise size, end-user, zone, types of SMS, terminal, and development type. When it comes to a terminal type, the mobile-based division held a superior position in the market in 2018. It is predicted to retain its dominant place over the forecast period due to increasing mobile phone sales throughout the country. Mobile subscription in India is expected to rise to 1.4 billion units by 2022.

Product promotion or marketing has undergone a lot of changes in the last few years. As an alternative to email or call, the focus is now on transactional SMS. In India, SMS promotion has witnessed broad implementation in the last few years because the communication modes have experienced change with the advancements in technology. The entry of mobile phones has caused a complete shift in communication. A voice call or an SMS is enough to convey messages. Nowadays, mobile phones are an integral part of everyone’s lives. Therefore, this concept is used by many small and large-scale industries for business purposes. These industries earn big profits from this. 

A transactional SMS transfers vital information such as current bank balance, PNR status, and many others. It does not have any promotional message. In India, the transactional message is generally sent by e-commerce firms, airlines, registered banks, financial organisations, e-ticketing agencies, hospitals, and airlines. An educational institution can send a message like this to the parents in case of an emergency.

Transactional messages have gained immense popularity these days. Such messages are used for marketing, promoting, and developing a business plan or idea. The overall concept of transactional messages is simple, and people can utilise it without going through any trouble. These messages can be sent to the target consumers regarding a particular product or services they have bought or applied for. Many industries, such as e-commerce shops, healthcare, and many others, use transactional SMS services to provide their customers with the best user experience. 

Given below is a detailed list of several advantages of transactional SMSes

1.   Data transmission in brief

One of the best advantages of using the transactional message is that it instantly transfers the messages to the customers and that too in a very brief form. It is a highly-valued SMS platform that helps in keeping the consumers occupied. These messages are considered helpful and supportive when it comes to transferring prompt critical information to the customers. The development of this SMS platform helps in the real-time conveyance of messages to the customers.

2.   Essential for commercial ventures

The transactional message is the perfect platform for all kinds of business industries, but it is even more critical in commercial sectors. Commercial sector organisations utilise these messages for sending cautions. For instance, e-commerce can send notifications for the ordered product, and railways can send messages regarding individuals’ PNR status. SMS in instructive firms can be used to send caution or alerts to understudies and guardians, and banks can also send dire notices to the clients.

3.   24/7 SMS Service

The transactional message will be transferred in real-time to the customers irrespective of whether an end-user is making transactions or ordering products. This helps in keeping the users informed and gives the organisation a good recognition. Such messages will undoubtedly be delivered to the users unless their phone is switched off.

4.   Improves customer engagement

Not only do transactional text messages provide the chance to engage with the customer, but they also offer them a means and an opportunity to engage with the business. It makes clients feel that the company is readily accessible and provides reliable services. Thus, the business becomes an integral part of their lives that always remains in their mobile phones through SMS. This also helps the clients always remember it.

5.   Connects DND clients

With the help of value-based messages, the DND-registered clients can be connected and send data.

6.   Messages based on templates

These messages shared all over the world are based on templates. Therefore, the users who want to send out transactional SMS can use the template and create a customised SMS of their own. With the help of this, individuals will be able to meet their needs and send messages to their targeted customers. However, it is crucial to get the message approved by the provider before sending it.

7.   Go green

This SMS platform is the most appropriate way to save the environment. Even though almost all web promoting methodologies are environment friendly, it is imperative to emphasise this, especially in times like these.

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