Top Alternatives Megashare Websites To Watch The Movies Online.

You go to the cinema to watch a movie or enjoy at home—no matter for those who always love to watch movies in the best quality. There are many people in the world who watch movies online at home with the best websites.

Among all websites, Megashare is one of the best websites to get the streaming in the HD quality. There are amazing features and stunning interface, and you enjoy more.

The most amazing feature is that all site supports all the languages. Moreover, it also allows you to watch any unique title on it without any registration. There is a large list of movies in which all the old and latest are included. People always prefer to watch the movies and tv shows on these websites where they can avail of the opportunities without spending a penny.

Many websites are available where you can watch online movies and tv shows. But the megashare is one of the best sites where you enjoy your favorite stuff.

However, sometimes due to any issue, you face difficulty in watching videos so, here we are bringing the best alternative mega share websites to watch the favorite stuff.

So let’s see the top Alternatives megashare websites to watch the movies online.


Putlocker is the most famous movie streaming website that allows you to watch high-quality videos free of cost. There are thousands of movies available with regular updates and new content. Moreover, Pulocker comes with multiple categories, such as Action, Adventure, Horror, Funny, Animated, Romantic, and many more.

It allows you to search by name, year, and genre as well s you find your desired results in just a few seconds. It is the best alternative megashare website to watch the movies online because you can see without login. Putlocker is the best option for you because it has a clear interface.

What we Like
  • Free of cost
  • HD quality
  • Thousands of movies available
  • Multiple Categories
  • Clear Interface

Solar Movie

We can’t forget to include the Solar Movie website in our list because it is an incredible site with HD quality videos. Here you also get the live spilling and downloading option. This user-friendly interface contains a free video movie. Just enter the movie name and get the video.

Here you can get new videos, Hd videos, most recent, most famous and upcoming too. The site is compatible with all devices with a good internet connection.

What we like
  • Easy to use
  • the old and latest stuff
  • Attractive interface
  • High-Resolution Videos


123movies is a well familiar website that allows you to get high-quality streaming of movies. It is similar to megashare and has the largest collection of movies here with regular updates.

The gorgeous interface provides you recent, trending, and most watches option to watch. You can search by genres, years, and country and find your favorite content. The different quality video formats are available so you can select according to your choice.

In the multiple categories, Comedy, action, Horror, Family, romance, documentaries, etc are included. So 123movies site is the best solution for you to enjoy the best videos.

What We Like
  • HD Quality
  • Different genres
  • Amazing Interface
  • a large collection of movies


Let’s jump into another best alternative megashare website Xmovies, which has amazing features for the users. There are many online tv shows, and movies are available. It is included in our top alternative websites because there are most famous Netflix and HBO tv shows available such as Game of Thrones. The site is totally free, and you can also record motion pictures here.

The useful navigation features the best quality videos, and different classification is available, which you can find on the base of genres, subtitles,m countries, and years.

What we Like
  • HD quality
  • Supports Big platforms like Netflix and HBO
  • free of cost
  • Useful navigation

Just Watch

do you ever experience the powerful movie streaming website, which is just like megashare? If no, then go on Just watch website which offers tv shows and movies of different countries.

You can search your favorite stuff in the search bar on the main page. Just watch also supports reliable sources such as Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu.

What We Like
  • Downloading and streaming option
  • latest stuff
  • Reliable sources


here is a free online movie streaming website to enjoy the movies and tv shows online. It features wide collection of new and old films, and all could be seen without spending a single penny. On vexmovies, you get multiple categories such as Action, science-fiction, Romance, Love, and many more.

With the advanced search box option, you enter your favorite movie and tv show name and get the result. You can also sort out by typing the country, name, genre, and date. It regular updates so you can get within 24 hours.

What we like
  • massive collection of movies
  • Multiple categories
  • Regular updates


Here is another Megashare alternative website to watch videos and requires the best internet connection. There is a large collection in which old and all updated content available. The amazing thing is that it is compatible with all devices. The drawback of this site is that it requires a signup option before getting access to the library.

What We Like
  • Updated Content
  • Large Library
  • Strong Internet connection
  • Compatible for all devices


Let’s discuss another amazing alternative, which is PrimeWire and available free of cost. It allows you to get multiple categories such as Romantic, comedy, action, and many more. This site never disappoints you, and you get enjoyable content here.

Moreover, other incredible features are unlimited results, free, different quality, simple interface, etc.

What we like
  • Different HD quality
  • multiple categories
  • unlimited results

Los movies

it is an amazing streaming website to watch movies ad tv shows and quite similar to megashare. Los movies a free online website where multiple categories are available. the one drawback is that ads appear in it while watching, but the quality is incredible.

in the different categories, comedy, horror, science fiction, thriller, romance, adventure and many more are included

What we Like
  • HD Quality videos
  • multiple genres
  • free to watch

I know all of us to want the best alternative megashare websites to watch the movies online. Therefore we wrap up this topic beautifully so that you could try the best websites.

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On these sites, offline and online streaming is available with all the latest services. Read this piece and let us know if we missed anything.

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