Biography of Top 20 Tiktokers with the most followers in 2022

Tiktok is one of the most used social media apps from the past two years. Every household name is familiar with the video content of the app. It is one of the highest numbers of active users. It is around 689+ users and it is proof of its growing popularity.

The app focuses on creating content rather than monetization and making money. There are other viable options to reach out to a maximum number of users. It eventually started as the lip-syncing app that attracted the younger generations. However, with the addition of music, there is growing competition between influencers. To download the app use spectrum internet plan.

Tiktokers with the most followers in 2022

Zach king 

He is very famous for his digital app. He has over 65 million followers. His content is very eye-catching as he is a filmmaker and magician. He regularly uploads his videos as an illusionist. In his videos, he feels like the most skillful magician but the secret is his editing skills and filmmaking aesthetics. The Broomstick video on his account has over 2 billion views. 

Olivier Wong

He has around 43 million followers. He is a landscape and urban traveler photographer. He makes tutorials on Tiktok. The tutorials are about taking breathtaking photos. You can see a lot of cameras and gimbals in his videos. Apart from this, he uses an iPhone as well so people can learn. 

Jake Krantz 

He is a comedian who uploads funny sketches that are directed by him. All the videos have soundtrack mixes with photoshopped images that make them more interesting. Moreover, his humor is very unpredictable. Hence, his ways of making his 108 million viewers laugh are very interesting.

 Khabane Lame

He is an Italian TikTok, who is very famous. He does not need any introduction. Currently, he has a huge fan following of 116.7 million followers. Khabane is the most followed influencer for his signature hand movement. He points out his hands towards an object. He makes fun DIY and Life Hacks videos. His videos have millions of followers that are very famous among his fans.

Emily Rayna

She is the queen of decoration. Her DIY videos have millions of views. She has some amazing ideas and tricks for students and homeowners. Her ideas are budget-friendly so you do not have to strain your pockets. Moreover, if you are not a creative person she also has some amazing fin home decoration ideas for different rooms. 

Jordi Koalitic

With 19.8 million followers is creative photography and videography. He also shares the tricks and techniques with the followers. He also uses mirror illusions and light painting to create cool effects. All his tutorials are easy to do. It is fun to create photographs. He is even an inspiration for upcoming photographers. Moreover, the behind scenes are fun to watch too.


The twin brothers Lucas and Marcus are very much popular on the app because of their vines. They have various comedic dance videos. Moreover, they do sketches and other challenges with each other.


He is the queen of skincare on TikTok. He is very experienced with the products. He gives skin product reviews and when to apply them. Moreover, he also shares glimpses of his life, business and shares reviews based on his experience.

Hallie Tutkaluk 

The Canadian photographer and videographer. She makes cool videos on the social media app. However, she is a professional photographer but her TikTok account is about making short videos. All the videos are of high production with a lot of effects that are appealing to the eyes. She uses the short format to the maximum.

 Cooking with Ayeh 

As per the name of the account, it is a cooking account. The videos are very easy to follow unlike the shows like Masterchef. All her videos are with a healthy twist with minimum ingredients.

Patti Avery Schmidt 

She makes videos of her four children and husband. She regularly posts their pictures, as she is a photographer. All her videos have a touch of homey effect. In addition, of the kids and what they do. The family regularly recreates the younger vs older video versions with friends and family.


She is a science nerd who loves to experiment. All her videos are about the seffecarects in the field of science. All the videos are simple and a lot of people follow her. Primarily you do not have to be a science nerd to watch the videos. She is one of the schools of thought that put faiths in science.

Natascha Lindemann 

Natascha Lindemann is one of the most popular fashion photographers in Germany. All her TikTok videos are about her work life. Also About the process of scouting and styling. She also does transform videos where she picks up amateur models and transforms them into good-looking ones.

Sally Darr Griffin 

She is an emerging and inspiring filmmaker. She finds peace in working on short videos that her work is a dream fever and finds inspiration in little things. All her videos have an impact too. She also shares vlogs of her professional life.

Michael McBride 

His TikTok account is by the name of Idea Soup. He caters to the audience by making videos of multiple aspects for everyone to enjoy. If we take a deep dig, he describes his videos as fun facts to help you out at smart parties. 

Aaron Van Kampen 

The person is famous for asking the viewers a single question. It is not a simple question but a specific one that is what you do for a living. He walks around the houses of rich people and asks them about what they do for a living. The format is very famous among the viewers. 

Vic Blends 

He is a barber inspiring people through his cutting videos. He gives people amazing haircuts on the streets. The videos are inspirational and motivational as the people talk about their hardships. He also keeps the video natural by giving the haircuts outside.

 Britney Vest 

Britney Vest has a 360-degree thing on the channel. She makes fashion vlogs, workout videos and shares recipes as well. She has a very appealing personality. Her outfit of the day videos is also amazing. She makes sure that you are keeping up with the new trends. 

Christina Dobre 

New York City girl who is a filmmaker and cinematographer. Her videos are inspired by her professional career. Her TikTok is all about amazing sketches, some recommendations, and other entertaining videos. Behind the scenes the glimpses of her life on the set.


He is the best man when it comes to the short-length comedy format. The videos are very refreshing to watch and funny as well. His work is very original. He is surely a trendsetter in the group and he uses his touch on the videos. 

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