Top 15 Fraggle Rock Characters

Fraggle Rock, a beloved children’s television series created by Jim Henson, captivated audiences worldwide with its unique blend of puppetry, humor, and life lessons. The show, which initially aired from 1983 to 1987, follows the adventures of a group of whimsical and diverse creatures known as Fraggles.

 Inhabiting an underground world, they coexist with the Doozers and the Gorgs. Each character in Fraggle Rock has a distinctive personality, contributing to the magic and charm of this timeless show. 

In this article, we’ll explore the main characters that brought joy and valuable life lessons to viewers of all ages.

List Of 15 Fraggle Rock Characters

Here is a list of some of the show’s main characters:

Top 15 Fraggle Rock Characters


The Fraggle: Know somebody with a foot fetish? Boober likes socks. Washing them, that is. (Heck, at least it’s a clean fetish). He’s also prone to depression and generally always looks on the bleak side of life, probably because he’s allergic to dogs – how awful!

The Grown-Up Remodel: While walking, Boober bumps into the Literal Tree and magically grows his pair of puppet breasts. At first, he’s completely freaked out. Then he learns they might come with their unique benefit.

Large Marvin

The Fraggle: A fan of the snacks, Large Marvin contradicts his name by being a firm lover of athletics. Oh, alright, he likes to swim occasionally (and has probably been mistaken for a whale on more than one occasion). He’s also the arch-nemesis of Red Fraggle.

The Grown-Up Remodel: Christopher Lloyd is recruited to voice this new incarnation and brings his inimitable crazy ravings, debating time-space continuums and the weight of dark matter.


The Fraggle: A leader through and through, Gobo likes to be in control – which means he doesn’t like surprises. It probably explains why he explores the tunnels of Fraggle Rock to root out potential threats to his equilibrium. Gobo is also a talented guitarist.

The Grown-Up Remodel: Gobo forgoes his level-headed ways and becomes a rock star after a record producer overhears his playing in the sewers. But after a heavy night snorting cocaine and doing terrible things to some very naïve muppet groupies, he begins to wonder how he ended up in this cesspit of despair…


The Fraggle: If Marlon were in the ’90s boy band Hanson, he’d be that ugly oldest brother nobody ever fancied. In short: he has a face like a bus’s back end. Which means he’s evil as sin and wants to create his cult. His most significant achievement is carving a radish sculpture to become a Moon Greeter.

The Grown-Up Remodel: Marlon gets sick of being teased, and when Gobo makes an insulting comment about his appearance, Marlon hacks him to pieces. Gradually, he builds his collection of savaged muppets as his appetite for death and fluff spirals out of control.

The Wizard

The Fraggle: A bit of a fraudster, if we’re honest, The Wizard is anything but. His seemingly dangerous stunts are all relatively harmless, meaning Wizard is a master showman. His biggest trick is using smoke pellets for effects. Sadly, the Fraggles generally lap it up.

The Grown-Up Remodel: Wembley undergoes a pioneering plastic surgery operation that makes him look like The Wizard. He infiltrates Wizard’s operation and discovers a web of deceit and lies. John Woo to direct.


The Fraggle: Quiet and artistic, Mokey is the sort of hippie Fraggle who you’d probably quite like to have round for tea but would murder in her sleep if you had to live with her. Spiritual to the extreme, she is hugely optimistic and always looking for positives.

The Grown-Up Remodel: Mokey sets up her spiritual love-in and invites all the other Fraggles along. We want to spare you the details, so just one word will probably suffice: orgy.

Marjory The Trash Heap

The Fraggle: Marjory is trash. We’re not dissing her. She is a big, steaming pile of garbage. Her smarts make up for that, and Marjory is known as an Oracle in Fraggle Rock. Whenever a Fraggle feels they’ve lost the way, they visit Marjory for sound advice. (Nose pegs advised.)

The Grown-Up Remodel: Marjory is offered a terrible Faustian deal that looks too good to be true – become beautiful beyond compare in return for all her wisdom. Should Marjory fulfill her dream of becoming the next page-three girl? Or is knowledge more valuable?


The Fraggle: Not a Fraggle this time, but still integral to the ‘verse. The pet of Doc, whose workshop is linked via caves to the caves of Fraggle Rock. Sprocket is your typical man’s best friend, helping out in the workshop where he can and loyal to the bitter end.

The Grown-Up Remodel: Sprocket’s one sticking point is the mailman. He can’t resist going mental when those letters drop through the front door. When Doc accidentally leaves the back door open, Sprocket flies off the rails at the postman and leaves him in bloody tatters. Uh oh, could he be about to buy the farm?

The Storyteller

The Fraggle: Inhabiting a mysterious place deep in the Fraggle tunnels, the Storyteller has a crush on Uncle Traveling Matt. She often regales the rest of the Fraggles with stories of the terrible tunnel, a cobwebbed atrocity that leads to a giant boulder that snaps open like jaws and gobbles up anybody who comes near.

The Grown-Up Remodel: To aid the melodic quality of her storytelling, the Storyteller offers all who come to listen to a special brew. Then she gets busted for drug possession.


The Fraggle: Red likes red. She has a sweater that’s red to prove it. She’s also a stellar athlete (giving Large Marvin a swim for his money in the front crawl stakes) and is a buoyant, mischievous spirit. She’s also a total control freak and frequently comes to loggerheads with Gobo.

The Grown-Up Remodel: Red is confused when a fellow Fraggle asks her if the carpet matches the drapes. She goes off on an adventure of self-discovery to find out. Kim Cattrall may or may not voice this new incarnation of the character.

Cotter pin

The Fraggle: An architect of Fraggle Rock, one of the Doozers (almost literally). Though most of her comrades live to work, Cotterpin is stubborn, and unlike her Doozer chums, she regularly interacts with the other Fraggles. She has a solid friendship with Red, Wembley, and Boober.

The Grown-Up Remodel: After realizing that cheap labor is hard to find, Red, Wembley, and Boober force Cotterpin into slavery. But when their treatment of the little Doozer is revealed, a massive anti-Doozer slavery campaign is ignited.


The Fraggle: Roommate to Gobo, Wembley is a sensitive soul always terrified of doing the wrong thing or hurting another Fraggle’s feelings. In Fraggle’s language, ‘to Wembley’ means to be indecisive. Moonlights as the fire department’s siren and enjoys playing bongos.

The Grown-Up Remodel: Wembley wanders into a swamp full of nuclear waste after getting roasted on a bad keg. Soon he becomes a terrifying swamp monster with a taste for fluffy muppet cotton.

Uncle Traveling Matt

The Fraggle: The brave uncle of Gobo, Uncle Traveling Matt, frequently sends postcards from his various exotic destinations to his nephew, revealing what he has discovered about the human world.

The Grown-Up Remodel: On his travels, Uncle Traveling Matt stumbles into a war zone, where he witnesses the horror of combat. Forced to become an army recruit, he takes up a weapon for the first time and is forced to kill. He returns to Fraggle Rock, a severely broken Fraggle.

The Old Gypsy Lady

The Fraggle: The poor Old Gypsy Lady has a wooden leg and a squeaky shoe – you can’t get a break these days, huh? She is a mysterious character; not much is known about her other than she has gypsy powers (supposedly) and one heck of an excellent haircut.

The Grown-Up Remodel: Scorned by Red, who refuses to help her cross a babbling brook, Old Gypsy Lady curses Fraggle Rock so they can never bear children. Harsh times fall on the Rock, and winter is about to fall.


The Fraggle: No, not a Fraggle this time, but, well, one of us. Doc runs the workshop that leads to Fraggle Rock’s underground cave. He is an inventor and lives in blissful ignorance of Fraggle’s existence.

The Grown-Up Remodel: Anthony Hopkins plays the post-millennium Doc, unaware that Fraggles exist. When the Fraggles have to borrow half the contents of Doc’s workshop to fix up their homes, Doc begins to believe that he is losing his mind with old age. Eventually, he decides to sell the workshop. There are tissues all over the place.

Top 15 Fraggle Rock Characters


Fraggle Rock’s ensemble of captivating characters has left a lasting impression on audiences for decades. Each character’s distinct traits and endearing qualities contribute to the show’s timeless appeal and ability to resonate with viewers of all ages. Whether it’s Gobo’s adventurous spirit, Mokey’s profound wisdom, Red’s boundless energy, or the charming innocence of Wembley and Junior Gorg, Fraggle Rock’s characters continue to inspire and entertain, making it a beloved classic in the world of children’s entertainment.

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  1. Who are the main characters in “Fraggle Rock”?

The main characters in “Fraggle Rock” include Gobo Fraggle, Mokey Fraggle, Red Fraggle, Wembley Fraggle, and Boober Fraggle. These five Fraggles are central to the show’s adventures and stories.

  1. What sets Red Fraggle apart from the other Fraggles?

Red Fraggle is known for her energetic and competitive nature. She loves sports and physical activities, often striving to be the best at everything she does.

  1. How does Uncle Traveling Matt contribute to the show?

Uncle Traveling Matt is Gobo Fraggle’s adventurous uncle who explores the human world. His postcards and letters bring insights from the outside world and often spark curiosity among the Fraggles.

  1. Can you describe Boober Fraggle’s personality? 

His cautious and anxious demeanor characterizes Boober Fraggle. He often worries about various things and is known for his strict hygiene habits.

  1. What role do Doc and Sprocket play in “Fraggle Rock”? 

Doc is an inventor who lives in the workshop above Fraggle Rock, and Sprocket is his loyal dog. Their interactions with the Fraggles link the human and Fraggle worlds, often leading to humorous situations.


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