Tom Brady is in the Super Bowl *again*: The best memes

Well, a bit like our favorite horror movie villains, Tom Brady has found how to return from the grave, promising the newest installment of his winning shenanigans to be his most terrifying chapter yet. Do the Tom Brady memes agree?

Tom Brady & the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are getting to Super Bowl LV to face the Kansas City Chiefs, annoying NFL fans everywhere who can see Tom Brady’s demise. It may be Brady’s tenth Super Bowl appearance, having appeared in nine of them during his twenty-year tenure with New England and winning six of them. Tom Brady is that the best. We get it, but it’s time to be done! Here are some memes that prove it!


Oldie but a goodie

A 43 years old man is going to quarterback here and he is trying to prove something #SMDH

Brady’s infinity gauntlet

And….guess… I am… Patrick Mahomes. You may know

Tom finds a way

We’re unsure why Leo keeps shooting up in these memes, but we’re all for it! I assume you’re on one side or the opposite of the Brady debate. The NFL hates Brady winning or loves it.

No thrill for Bill

Comparing Bill Belichick to Squidward is that the most on-brand thing ever. By the way, Gronk’s a touch dorky, yes, but he’s not Patrick Star dumb! Come on, Twitter. #EndCyberBullying

Shoulders of giants

Still, Aaron Rodgers has many things to know and understand about NFL G.O.A.T., Tom Brady.

Little Scotty Miller

Julian Edelman, goof friend of Tom and Patriots teammate is not feeling calm after seeing Tom throwing his evil twins. #GloryDays

Haters gonna hate

Tom Bardy is still serving as a constant reminder of the failures. It wonders how he keeps winning. The meme below will tell you all.

Old guard vs. new guard

Some moments that are never going to come again, it’s the “Passion of the torch.”

“The dead speak”

Tom Bardy is coming back to Super Bowl with his team of experts as probing as star wars: the riser of skywalker.

Jesse Pinkman gets it

Parity is not now existing in NFL. Even Tom Bardy switches to another conference. Other dirty memes cannot switch around this legacy.

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