The Horrifying Story Of the ‘To Catch A Predator’ Suicide!

A few more interesting true-crime TV shows than the truth series “To Catch a Predator on Dateline.” It took the joys of criminal investigation and combined it with the moment gratification of seeing. However, a dangerous criminal’s arresting show could sometimes get dicey, especially when the predator was arrested red-handed by Chris Hansen and his camera team. Yet there have been worse outcomes than heated arguments when some episodes finished, and arguably the only shocking ending was that of Louis William “Bill” Conradt Jr.

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The Trap is about

Bill Conradt Jr. was an Assistant prosecuting officer living in Terrell, Texas. In 2006, the web watchdog group, Perverted Justice ( a gaggle employed by the show to detect some latent online predators). Now an investigation began into Conradt’s dealings online. However, Conradt supposedly asked for sex from a watchdog trick sitting as a 13 years old boy.

As per the plan on To Catch a Predator, Conradt was given the address of a sting house where police and, therefore, Chris Hansen, the show’s host, would be waiting to meet Conradt. However, Conradt didn’t take the lure, and preferably, the police came to his door with a bench warrant.

The police knocked on the door of Conradt’s home, but they were not getting any answer. HOWEVER, the SWAT team reached by forced their way into the house located Conradt with a shotgun. Consistent with an officer’s account, Conradt uttered, “Guys, I’m not getting to injure anybody,” before putting his gun to his head and then pulling the trigger of the gun. Conradt was shifted to a hospital 30 miles west in Dallas and died soon after the incident.

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An Unsettling End

And the aftermath of the controversial occurrence was a multitude of legal problems for To Catch a Predator and Dateline NBC. Patricia Conradt, Conradt’s sister, brought a 105 million dollar claim against NBC. Patricia claimed that Dateline was directly liable for her brother’s death by hijacking police procedures.

Patricia accused the police of failing to guard her brother and placing To Catch a Predator’s upper rating interests before their duties as enforcement. NBC denied that it had any involvement within the decision to form the arrest. Therefore, the police were merely working on a tip got from the watchdog group.

However, the Dateline’s cameras were started at the scene when Conradt shot himself. The camera audio is learning the sound of the gunshot. The footage was aired as a part of the To Catch a Predator episode but was later stripped from Dateline’s website. NBC and Patricia Condradt settled out of court in 2008, although the settlement’s small print remains unknown.

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