Multifunctional pieces of furniture help make life easier in every home. No piece exemplifies this more than a sleeper sofa. They’re great for guests who pop in unexpectedly and need a place to sleep. It’s also perfect for small apartments as visitors will have a bed even if you don’t have an extra bedroom. Let’s take a look at the things you should consider before purchasing a sleeper sofa.

First, wherever you place the piece, make sure there is enough space for the bed to be fully extended. For small spaces, size definitely matters. You don’t want to crowd the area, so a twin sofa bed is the best solution. Place one in your guest room for single visitors. If you have a studio apartment, it’s a great option for seating and sleeping. At least two people can fit on the sofa as they’re usually loveseats.

Large spaces can use a full or queen-sized sofa bed. When it comes to variety, you won’t find more options in any other size. Because they’re so popular, they come in a number of colors, and you can find a mattress you prefer. The sofa itself can fit three to four people comfortably.

If the bed is receiving regular use, there are a few mattress types, and you should be aware of what each offers.

Try a gel memory foam mattress if you want a firm but cushioned sleeping experience. They are designed to keep you cool while sleeping, so this is a good choice if you tend to get hot during the night. A traditional memory foam mattress provides press point relief but isn’t a good idea if you need to stay cool at night.

Polyurethane foam is another option. Its high density will prevent you from feeling the mechanism that allows the bed to extend. An air-over coil mattress, also known as a hybrid, is extremely comfortable. It has an inflatable air bladder that sits over coils, and you will have to pump air into it from time to time.

Click here: to find a mattress and sofa sleeper bed. Innersprings are the standard coils we’re all familiar with, and while they are available and cheap, they aren’t known for their comfortability. They are more suited for children who are lightweight enough not to feel the coils and mechanism as they sleep.

Latex mattresses are for those who want a firm, hard feel. They are also more eco-friendly than the materials used for making other mattress types.

What style of sleeper sofa do you want? The one you choose will largely depend on who will use it and the ease of turning it into a bed. Sleeper sofas look like traditional couches and have a built-in mattress. This one is very common and what most people envision when they think of sleeper sofas. They are able to stand up to frequent or long-term use. However, if space is an issue and you want to open the bed easily, this is not the style for your home. They are bulky, and the mechanism can be difficult for small children and elderly guests to operate.

A sofa bed doesn’t come with a built-in mattress. They have backs that fold down and create a flat surface for sleeping. The comfortable cushions transform into a mattress and are perfect for smaller spaces. They also work for those who may have trouble pulling out a mattress for a traditional sofa bed. The only drawback is that finding sheets for these can be difficult as the measurements are not standard.

Futons are another type of sofa and bed combination for the home. Many often think of them as college dorm room furniture, but there are different styles of futons for more mature sleepers. These have a mattress separate from the sofa’s frame. They are the most cost-effective solution, and they can sleep up to two people. Futons are lightweight and easy to move around should you decide to rearrange the space. Unfortunately, they don’t come in as many style options as the other sofa beds. If you wish to find out more about buying king single mattress be sure to check out Sleep Republic

When you’re ready to bring a sofa bed home, choose one that fits the needs of your household.

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