Theodore Vigo Sullivan

Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies was born in California, USA, on April 4, 2015. Currently, he is seven years old. Rachael Leigh Cook (mother) and Daniel Gillies (father) gave birth to a child. Similarly, he has a sister named Charlotte Easton Gillies. As an actor and television personality, his father is well-known in the entertainment industry, and his mother is renowned as an actress and model.

In addition, he is of Italian, Irish, Scottish, and English descent. He is also a United States citizen. The sign of his astrology is Aries. In this article, we will be closely examining the life, education, and numerous details of Theodore Vigo Sullivan. 


Meanwhile, Theodore hasn’t said anything about his education. Education-wise, he could still be in elementary school. However, Daniel, his father, has completed high school but has not achieved the university level.

Height And Weight

Theodore is a charming individual with a lovely personality. Nevertheless, the exact height of the individual is not specified, but it appears to be in a neighborhood of three feet.

Furthermore, he has brown eyes and dark brown hair. However, this information about his physical appearance is only available to the public.


Theodore, the celebrity child, is still in his childhood and has yet to begin his career. In 1998, Gillies’ father made his acting debut with “A Soldier’s Sweetheart as Medic.”

Gillies began his career as a leading man in various Auckland Theatre Company productions before landing a central role in Street Legal for two seasons. After realizing he had limited acting opportunities in his home country of New Zealand, Gillies looked into options in Sydney and Canada.

Gillies moved to Los Angeles a short time later, where he was cast in Spider-Man 2 and Bride and Prejudice. Rachael Leigh Cok began her career as Mary Anne Spier in the 1995 film “The Babysitters Club.” “Country Justice” and “She’s all that” are two other works she has appeared in.


In 2001, his mother and father began dating each other. In addition to his father, Rachael Leigh Cook is an actress, model, and producer from the United States. She is the daughter of Joann Cook and Thomas H. Cook.

He is the son of Daniel Gillies, a Canadian actor, and director best known for his role as Jacob in the television series The Vampire Diaries. The couple exchanged vows on August 8, 2004.

There were two children between them. Their daughter Charlotte Easton Gillies was born in September 2013, while their son, Theodore Vigo Sullivan, was born in April 2015. Both of their children have been taken to them.

The Origins of His Name

Theodore Gillies is a name that has an exciting background story associated with it. At his birth, his parents were unsure about their son’s character. In April 2015, he was born, and it took the family four days to choose a name for the newborn.

The name his parents chose for him had to be both unique and meaningful at the same time. It was a significant decision for the actor and actress to decide to call each other nicknames such as “Sweetheart,” “Rasin,” as well as “Calcified Alien.”

As a result, Danny One mentioned in an interview that he alternates between those nicknames.

On the other hand, their parents have settled on two names for the baby before he is born. In addition to creating a Venn Diagram to see which titles overlapped, the couple compiled 700 words.

Afterward, they selected their top choices from the list in order of preference. As soon as he was born, the couple couldn’t decide whether to name him Theodore or Vigo due to their indecision.

A numerologist assisted them in determining whether to include both names in the tally after much deliberation and discussion. Finally, he received both words and because his mother adored Sullivan’s food brand, they also included it in his name.

His father said he was given four names because he was born on the fourth day of the month, which is why he was given four names. Due to this, they decided to name their newborn son Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies the same name as their father.

Net worth

It is estimated that Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies is between the ages of seven and eight. So, he is a student at the moment. Approximately 3 million dollars belonged to his father, and more than 5 million to his mother, Rachael.

Additionally to being excellent friends, the couple no longer has any ties to one another as husband and wife since they are no longer married.

Their children are now at the age of family love, so they’ve decided to provide a parental environment. Additionally, they have made themselves available to their children whenever needed.

Social Media

As for Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies’ social media presence, he is not a playful individual on social media, which is reflected in his social media presence.

He has two official Instagram accounts, a Facebook account, and a Twitter account. He is not involved in his social media accounts due to the lack of attention his parents have given him.


Q: Who is Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies?

A: Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies was a Scottish child who became famous for his high IQ scores due to his exceptional intelligence. He was born on December 20, 2002, and died on January 6, 2013, at ten.

Q: What was Gillies’ IQ?

A: Sullivan Gillies' IQ was 192 when measured.

Q: How was Gillies’ IQ tested?

A: Theodore Gillies' IQ was tested using the Cattell III B test. This psychological test measures a range of cognitive abilities that can be applied to assessing a wide range of intellectual functions in an individual.

Q: What was Sullivan Gillies’ cause of death?

A: Gillies died of a cerebral hemorrhage, which was the cause of death for him.

Q: What was Sullivan Gillies’ educational background?

A: Sullivan Gillies was homeschooled by his parents, both of whom were academics. A voracious learner particularly fascinated by mathematics and physics, he had an insatiable appetite for learning.


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