The Untamed’: Why does everyone hate Jiang Cheng?

The Untamed features many complicated storylines going. It is often hard to stay track of all the ins and outs within the series. One of the major polarizing characters to possess emerged is Jiang Cheng (Wang Zhou Cheng).

With a myriad of reasons to feel he’s either bad or completely misunderstood. However, before making any argument, we are diving in on Jiang Cheng and what makes fans of the show so hooked on his character.

Back History of Jiang Cheng

When Xiao Zhan (Wei Wuxian) is adopted by Lu Jiangmin (Jiang Fengmian), Jiang Cheng becomes the new brother of Wei Wuxian. These two are famous as the two rocky starts. However, Wei Wuxian is scared of dogs, Jiang Cheng is forced to urge his new brother to prevent his pets. However, the 2 develop a true brotherly bond. Eventually, Jiang Cheng does come around.

Unluckily, Jiang Fengmian’s favoritism of Wei Wuxian is the root cause of tension between the brothers. The strain reaches a peak as Wei Wuxian defended Wang Yibo (Lan Wangji) from He Peng (Wen Chao), and subsequently, Wen Chao kills the Jiang Clan in revenge. Moreover, Wei Wuxian becomes the new patriarch of Yiling, which Jiang supports, as he’s relieved that his brother has survived Wen Chao’s massacre.

It is a woven story of family, resurrection, retribution, friendship, and everlasting love.

The raving from worldwide fans for the two male leads-Wei Wuxian and Lan Zhan is thoroughly justified –kudos to actors!! They are perfectly performing, and they do fair justice to their respective roles.

Every emotion they portray is realistic. You laugh with them, cry with them, feel their pain, vulnerability, and most finely nuanced performances. The chemistry of the relation between them is so obvious that you forget they are just a couple of young Chinese actors.


If I don’t mention all the supporting actors’ contributions, it would be gross sacrilege are all simply marvelous and are top-quality assets to the whole plot! The main Villain is the most unassuming character- and needs special mention as a surprise package!

Costumes and the Chinese culture shown too deserve huge applause!

The series is a journey –once you embark upon it, you will stay on board until the last episode, which is absolute perfection- a fitting finale to a wonderfully crafted saga!

untamed drawbacks

For cultivators, a golden core may be a person’s life. Wei Wuxian’s invention had saved his life without his knowledge challenges Jiang Cheng, as he’s both frustrated that he was weak enough to wish his brother’s help and frustrated that he didn’t realize his brother had stepped certain him. The brothers manage to seek a replacement relationship, but they still have serious tension between them.

Jiang Cheng is often cruel and angry, but understanding his adopted brother’s anger may be a big piece of the dynamic relationships within the Untamed. The two’s bond has withstood death, jealousy, and sacrifice, and seeing how the brothers have managed to ride such a roller coaster gives each of their characters a replacement level of depth.

Wei Wuxian’s true intentions for Jiang Cheng

This series is better than great. The story is very appealing, and you keep wanting to know what’s next. The main leads are fantastic and interact perfectly. I’ve noticed that there is a need to use English subs, how well the cast portrays the characters’ emotions in their expressions and body language (usually this is via the actor’s voice).

Thereby enabling you to understand what is happening fully. The leads both excel in this, especially Xiao Zhan. The story follows the drawn versions closely, which is unusual. And the two leads are so similar to their drawn counterparts it’s fantastic. Each character has their theme song, which is fantastic and adds to the enjoyment.


The thing about how well detailed every character was showing, they all had their unique qualities, and the whole cast performed an amazing job in pulling it off.


The scenes and the shots were amazing. It was well filmed and didn’t look unrealistic. Whenever we see any romantic drama, we expect some beautiful and romantic moments. We are excitedly waiting for it.

The love between two opposite sex is either a wonderful experience for somebody or a bitter experience. There is jealousy, lack of faith, fear of losing, hope to win your loved ones. But in this series, you won’t get any of the above experiences. There is suspense which makes you bounded to watch it.

After every episode, you will spontaneously think over the next episode. You will be thinking about what will be going to happen in the next episode.

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