Forever Queens Cast

Forever Queens, or Siempre Reinas, is a new Mexican reality television series starring four Mexican show biz queens. A new Netflix series starring Luca Méndez, Sylvia Pasquel, Laura Zapata, and Lorena Herrera was released on October 2. There are both personal and business updates from each talented “queen.”

The series is unscripted, so don’t expect drama, even though these four ladies are known for drama! Only six episodes of the show are available so far, but Netflix may order more if it performs well.

In most reality shows involving women, younger stars are featured, so it’s great to see older women who have already established themselves in the industry. Although the show sounds about how these women reinvent themselves in their new stage in life, we’ll see some familiar tropes we’re used to seeing in reality shows, including cattiness and drama.

What is Forever Queens About?

Forever Queens Cast

A Netflix synopsis says, “This reality show follows four Mexican entertainment legends, Lucia Méndez, Laura Zapata, Sylvia Pasquel, and Lorena Herrera, who come together to show a side of themselves they’ve never shown before while reinvigorating each other.”

 Four women come together to record a new song, but tempers will flare due to their prominent personalities. Throughout the first season, we’ll see how each woman deals with her demons outside the recording studio.

Forever Queens Cast

As part of this reality show, four actors have been chosen to play the lead: Luca Méndez, Sylvia Pasquel, Laura Zapata, and Lorena Herrera. 

In addition to being actresses, several women, such as Zapata and Herrera, are singers and dancers. If you are a regular viewer of soap operas or a listener of Latin music, you are familiar with their work.

Here Are Some Key Updates and potential Release Dates For Forever Queens Season 2

Finally, Forever Queens came out, and it became the talk of the town right away because it tells the stories of four great women. This, in turn, has made people very excited for a new season, which is called Season 2.

Season 2 has yet to be decided upon or revealed by the show’s creators, which is a shame. There have not been any public announcements about when the second season will come out or if it will be renewed, which makes sense since the first season just came out.

However, we are here to help you and have our eyes on the screen the whole time to get the latest news and send it to you. That means you should enjoy the new series.

Overview of Episodes Forever Queens 

Episode 1:

  • Lucia, Laura, and Sylvia have lunch together and make some revelations.
  • Lorena reveals details of her wedding to Mark.
  • The queens meet at the piano bar, where they bump into each other.

Episode 2: José Luis Roma, a singer and composer well known in Spain, offers a musical proposal to the queens; tensions arise during the recording of one of the songs due to Lucía’s special requests.

Episode 3: At Laura’s house, Lucia, who has been unwilling to record the song, is confronted about it after Silvia goes to therapy. Lorena looks for ways to increase her libido. At Silvia’s house, Lucia decides to go to treatment.

Episode 4: Luisa meets Juan José Origel, a TV presenter, for lunch; Laura shares a traumatizing incident with Luca, and the queens participate in a heated discussion.

Episode 5: Sylvia records a new song for her TikTok account and begins planning for the video clip to accompany it; using the song she recorded, she works with an influencer to create content for her TikTok account

Episode 6: The queens attend a woodland retreat to resolve their misunderstandings; later, they show the music video for “No Me Important.”

Forever Queens Cast

Summing Up: 

The show is for those who like drama, be it the kind that comes from a diva or the type that occurs between two friends. Hearing such stories from women who can be your mother or grandmother may seem awkward, but you will get them here. 

Nevertheless, this is still an entertainer that shows you that legends will always be legends, and these queens are indeed legends. Overall, these divas deserve respect, and the music video that they’ve worked so hard on is genuinely phenomenal.

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What is Forever Queens Netflix?

The series follows Mexican show business queens Lucía Méndez, Sylvia Pasquel, Laura Zapata, and Lorena Herrera as they reinvent themselves.

 What is the cast of Forever Queens?

The show has four main leads: Sylvia Pasquel, Lucía Méndez, Laura Zapata, and Lorena Herrera. Several women are singers and dancers, such as Zapata and Herrera. You might be familiar with their work if you regularly watch soap operas and listen to Latin music.

How many episodes of the Forever Queens Series?

In the series Forever Queens, there are six episodes to watch.

 When Forever Queen premiered on Netflix.

The air date of Forever Queens is October 2, 2022.

Is Forever TV series on Netflix?

Forever, Judy Blume’s groundbreaking 1975 novel, is being adapted into a Netflix series for a new generation. The streaming service has ordered Forever to series from Mara Brock Akil (The Game, Girlfriends). As part of her overall Netflix contract, this is her first project.


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