‘The Matrix 4’ Star Teases Director Lana Wachowski’s New, Game-Changing Filming Style!

The upcoming season 4 of the Matrix will hit in cinemas in 2021. Moreover, it is nearly 20 years after the third movie, The Matrix Revolutions was released. As you can see at the beginning where the cars are at, it looks like a SAW reference because the one guy in SAW was at a parking lot, but someone took a picture of him showing evidence.

A lot has spanned the Matrix Revolutions, yet this didn’t stop me from watching the conclusion to the epic sci-fi actioner The Matrix.

You will find it entertaining with well-choreographed nonstop action, impressive visual effects, and some excellent storytelling. Since it’s anyways a concluding film, it’s mostly an all-action affair. I loved that since I’m a massive fan of action movies.

Keanu Reeves as Neo is sometimes the focus of the story and many times not. While it might work for some, it might disappoint many too. I did think he needed to be the prime focus but realized this film was about every character and not just him, as opposed to the previous two movies.

Matrix 4: Release Date

Given the length of your time in between The Matrix installments, it’s no wonder Wachowski is cooking up something new genuinely blow our minds, but what exactly does she have planned?

Matrix 4 is currently scheduling to release in cinemas release on 22nd December 2021. Confirm to remain updated on which movies are becoming a 2021 release with our updated calendar.

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