The Best Food in Tennessee

It’s no secret that the south has the best food in the country, but Tennessee is a step above the rest!  From fantastic fried foods to delicious comfort dishes and incredible alcohol, you’ll feel overwhelmed by all of the incredible options you can find here.

These are the best flavors you’ll find in Tennessee and why this state does it best.

The Fried Chicken

Nashville Hot Chicken is world famous!  If you’re looking at Nashville houses for sale and want to stop for a filling and awesome meal, it’s time to pull into Hattie B’s Hot Chicken.  This restaurant is the originator and is somehow still affordable despite its international fame.

Hot chicken is fried chicken that then has spicy hot oil poured on top of it after it’s done frying.  This allows the chicken to be crispier, more flavorful, and pack a punch for any fans that love some great heat.

Fantastic Barbecue

If you want to start a fight, bring up which state you think has the best barbecue in the south.  Tennessee barbecue is best known for the Memphis flavor.  This is dry and wet pork ribs, and pork shoulder served in a finger-licking delicious tomato-based barbecue sauce.

The meat is usually covered in a dry rub, smoked, and then the sauces are smothered on at the end.  This leads to a sticky, flavorful, and incredible barbecue style that simply beats all the rest.

Awesome Riverside Fish

Tennessee is thick with rivers, which is why this landlocked state has some of the best ‘seafood’ in the country.  From catfish to largemouth bass, you’ll love getting to enjoy trying some of the best river flavors you can find out there.

If you have a chance, consider stopping and going fishing while you’re in the state!  You’ll love having the chance to catch some of these giant and delicious fish, and you’ll get to gain some respect for the incredible wildlife of Tennessee.

Incredible Comfort Foods

As a southern state, Tennessee understands the importance of comfort foods.  Almost any restaurant you go to in this state offers the staple sides of okra, greens, mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese.  These foods can feel like you’re transported back to your childhood, even if you didn’t grow up in the south.

You’ll also find incredible rolls and bread at nearly any eatery in the state, making you want to hit up local spots just so you can enjoy their complimentary bread!

The Joy of Alcohol

If you want to stop for a taste of booze, you’ll love this state!  Tennessee is home to endless famous liquors, including the Whiskey named after it that has international acclaim.  While you’re here, you should also try Bib & Tucker Small Batch Bourbon,m and Chattanooga Whiskey 111!  These will let you know the area a little better while you enjoy your drinks.

There’s No State as Tasty as Tennessee

Whether you’re planning a vacation or trying to move to a state that offers nonstop flavor, it’s time to consider Tennessee.  You’ll fall in love with every bite you have here!

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