The tragic televised shooting of Alison Parker and Vicki Gardner!

It had been like all other ordinary days for Adam Ward and Alison Parker in Roanoke, Virginia, on 26th August 2015. They were both working for the CBS affiliate WDBJ. And they were listed to interview Mr. Vicki Gardner, the chief director of the local chamber of commerce. None of the three knew they might be gunned down on this day.

However, a disgruntled worker named Lee Flanagan II was planning their murders and his suicide that morning. He purportedly sends a suicide note entitled “Suicide Note to Friend and Family” to ABC News at 8:26 AM. In this note, he admitted to murdering his two cats in rage and, therefore, the indisputable fact that he admired mass shooters. At 11:14 AM, he uploaded a video of himself shooting Vicki, Adam, and Alison from a first-person aspect.

Moreover, one of the saddest things about this tragedy is that the televised nature. Adam’s fiance had to witness Adam being shot while the print was live. Survivors of the victims lament that various versions of the perpetrator’s video remained on YouTube for long. The murders were immortalized most disrespectfully.

1 shooting

The Shooting

As previously stated, the shooting happened on the morning of 26th August 2015. Alison Parker appeared to be Flanagan’s primary target, but after being fired, he had a bone to select with most people at the station. In Flanagan’s person shooter video, he calls Alison a “bitch before shooting her first.” Vicky and Adam were shot subsequently.

The tragic video of Adam’s camera falling to the ground was caught by the WDBJ station before the studio’s news footage. In that footage, eight gunshots were heard within the footage approximately, followed by screams. They might later learn he shot a complete of fifteen times. At the same time, Flanagan escaped from the scene, but not before the camera footage. The news took his holding gun. Alison and Adam died on the spot.

2 victims

Vicki sustained the attack after getting some surgery on her colon and kidney.

Flanagan called ABC News with a confession at 10:00 AM. Police tracked Flanagan’s phone to reach the spot or to arrest the manhunt. And Flanagan left his own Mustang for a rented Chevrolet Sonic, and a car hunt ensued. Police tried to line up a road jam, but Flanagan got the escape. However, he finished up hitting a dock almost two miles away from the point.

Once they searched before the car crashed the car of Flanagan, police realized that he had inflicted gunshot wounds to himself. Flanagan died later that day at 1:26 PM.

3 shooter

Motives to Shoot Alison

Flanagan got that he was fired from the WDBJ news station, and to shoot Alison was then became his motive to get revenge. However, he had been dismissed for bad and unstable behavior on 1st February 2013. Flanagan explained that he was the prey of phylogenetic discrimination. He filed an EEOC complaint to explore the conclusion, but it had been rejected as groundless.

It wasn’t the first time that Flanagan had been quitting due to bad behavior and attitude. He was working at WTWC-TV in Tallahassee, Florida, before joining ABC News. Flanagan said that his co-workers were doing bad reviews about his sexual orientation as a shirt lifter.

However, an earlier co-worker declares that Flanagan was verbally abused the two female staff on different occasions after they acknowledged some errors in his reporting file. He was an aggressive personality.

Some of the staff avoided him. Moreover, the photographers tried to move out of working with him due to his volatile behavior and attitude. Furthermore, Flanagan was suspended for his “odd behavior,” a motion Flanagan filed a lawsuit for and got an indefinite and vague adjustment.

4 attacker

And the staff of WDBJ regularly complaining of a “feeling threatened attitude or uncomfortable feelings” around Flanagan. In 2013, when Flanagan was eventually replaced. He was thrown out of the building by police due to his vague behavior and abusive attitude.

And most of all, once, he threw a wooden cross at a news director and said, “You need this.”

After his dismissal, Flanagan specifically named Alison on social media accounts as one of the most racially perspicacious people against him. It is often probably why he chose to focus on Alison and then shoot Vicki and Adam with her.

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