Each of the subjects is different from the other. English is one of the diverse subjects comprising grammar, vocabulary knowledge and so on. There are many reasons why English is essential in every field. It enhances writing, understanding, speaking skills and communication effectively. English exams play a vital role in competitive exams and banking. Thus, it incorporates three sections. They are:- grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Compared to other subjects like science, English exams do not have extensive formulas or equations, so that time consumption will be much less. For competitive exams, general English questions are designed to test the candidate’s knowledge and basic grammar. In this article, a few preparation techniques will be discussed to follow before the preparation of exams.

Tips and Tricks to be Followed

Understand the Format and Content of the Exam

The first thing that you should know is the content and format of the exam. Most of the exams will have divisions like speaking, listening, reading, writing, etc. Understand the timings and types of topics asked. Get the information directly from your guide or teachers.

Concentrate on Weakness

Every time we look for what we are experts in and fail to list out the weakness. Before starting the preparation, think of what areas I am weakest in. If you have attempted previous exams, it will be more apparent in which part you failed to show the 100% performance. Find out that and practice the test in the right way.

Prepare a Time Schedule

Always have a proper schedule before preparing for the exam so that you won’t regret it after the exam. List the days remaining for the test and plan accordingly. Planning must include short breaks after 1 hour of studying. The timetable is one of the practical tools for time management and stress relief.

Understand What is the Question

Most of the students face a problem by misunderstanding the questions that have been asked in the exam. Read twice the questions and answer according to that. Most of the competitive exams will have tricky questions but make sure you are aware of that.

Practice Speaking

English may be simple for writing and hard to speak. There are exceptions, but mostly the scenario will be the same as mentioned. Communication is an essential tool to enhance your speaking skill. Talk to your English-speaking friends, try to speak regularly. Hear more English news or movies so that you can understand the grammar and vocabulary perfectly.

Make Use of Online Resources

There is a wide range of online resources available today. One of the online platforms is BYJUS.com. There are a lot of mock tests, practical learning available online. These are straightforwardly prepared by subject experts so that everyone can understand and learn.

Practice Sample Question Papers

Previous year’s question papers and the solutions are available online for referring and practicing. Do focus on more questions and answers as much as possible and try to learn the pattern of the questions asking for exams. Test your writing skills by answering these questions, and it is the best self-assessing tool. Every candidate must follow these tips before going for the examination. Apart from this, one should always take care of their health too. Stress is normal for all students, but handling them in the right way makes sense. So stay healthy and hydrated by getting rid of unnecessary stress issues. Be determined and confident.

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