Stay Stylish and Conscious While You Exercise

Fitness in Australia continues to grow popular as more and more people become conscious of their overall health and wellness. Market research shows that the country’s fitness industry, particularly its gym market, is at its height, with Australians spending about $8.5 billion on the industry each year. The massive market is fueled by the rise in the number of people getting gym memberships to stay active.

Aside from increasing health consciousness, sustainability is another growing trend among residents, which explains the surge in popularity of recycled activewear in Australia. Nowadays, consumers are becoming more aware and conscious of what products to purchase and what brands to support. As the fashion industry is known for using methods that can harm the environment, companies are starting to shift their business practices. Many of them are beginning to advocate for sustainability and environmental protection.

Thanks to the popularity of Australia’s fitness industry, activewear is also booming, and the trend for sustainability has reached the industry. When it comes to choosing what activewear to get, you can now find options that are not only stylish, but also eco-friendly.

Sustainability in Activewear

As a whole, fashion companies are starting to perform initiatives to reduce their environmental impact. In order to eliminate such harmful effects, several activewear companies are starting to take an active stance by instilling environmental consciousness. They do this by promoting a circular economy, where products and materials can still be reused, rather than thrown away, after use. 

You may be wondering: What specific steps are being made to achieve such a goal? For one, these companies are changing their manufacturing and production process. These changes are aimed at lessening the amount of waste generated and conserving resources as much as possible. For instance, the use of solar power for production is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and eliminate the use of fossil fuels. 


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Rise of Recycled Activewear

Given that most activewear is made out of synthetic and waste-generating materials like nylon and polyester, the concept of recycled activewear in Australia is now on the rise. As the term implies, recycled activewear refers to activewear that is made out of recycled materials. It was borne out of the purpose of reducing the amount of used clothing that goes into landfills.

With the realization of how their products can impact the environment, activewear companies are now changing the game by going green. They do this by producing their textiles and other components out of recycled PET bottles, polyester, cotton, and similar materials. Consumers are also now actively seeking out recycled fabrics like econyl and tencel when looking for activewear. 

Sustainable activewear is one of the defining trends in the fitness industry in 2020 as customers are becoming more aware of their purchases. It may be challenging to incorporate eco-friendly methods into the creation of activewear, but several companies are readily supporting the growing consciousness. As a bonus, recycled activewear looks just as stylish and fashionable, if not more, than any other activewear you have seen!

Who says that you cannot stay conscious while also exercising in style? Now, more than ever, sustainability is an essential and a crucial consideration in your purchases, especially when it comes to an industry as large as the fashion industry. You have the power to take part in a larger cause, so take the first step and make the switch to recycled activewear. 

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