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Shane Deary is a woodworker and contractor who owns ‘Deary Construction’, a firm specializing in woodworking and interior design. Shane Russell is better known as the former husband of Keri Russell, who rose to fame as Felicity in the television series.

In addition to receiving the spotlight when he married the ‘Golden Globe Award-winning actor, Keri has also been involved with her ‘The Americans co-star, Matthew Rhys, with whom she has a son named Sam.

He is currently single and focusing on his business and children. Their marriage has ended, but Shane and Keri continue to maintain a cordial relationship for the sake of their children. In addition to being an amateur surfer, Shane also enjoys playing golf.

In this article, we will take a look at Shane Deary’s early life, family, career, and personal net worth to give you a better idea

Birth and Childhood

Deary was a commoner before he married Russell, which makes most of his early life events a secret. Deary was born and raised in Massachusetts, a state in the United States of America. His childhood was spent primarily in Massachusetts.

His zodiac sign and birth date are unknown. There is no information available regarding Deary’s parents. Although it is unknown whether Deary has a sibling, it is known that he does.

An older brother of his life with him. Most of Deary’s childhood and adolescence were spent with his elder brother. His brothers assisted their father in small tasks from an early age as he owned a wood furnishing and interior shop.

He completed most of his education in his hometown and remained close to his studies throughout his academic career.


Shane is an educated and well-read individual. In addition to his schooling, he has graduated from a prestigious college after completing his education.

Although Deary attended school in Massachusetts, more information is needed regarding the university from where he graduated. Many significant subjects remain a mystery to this day.

Since Deary was interested in furnishing, building, and interior design from an early age, he likely received his education in a similar field. There has never been any mention by Deary himself of his major.

Shane Deary ex wife


Deary currently runs a well-elaborated business named “Deary Construction.” It includes interior decoration, wood furnishing, building cabinets, and renovating residential and office spaces.

Shane Deary and his elder brother built this company together, from his father’s small cabinet shop in his hometown to a company with a large team and a clear purpose. He began taking on renovation contracts in downtown Brooklyn and has expanded to Texas.

Deary’s company focuses on the interior, which should be aesthetically pleasing, functional, and practical. On a website, clients can view samples of previous work and plans.

Deary’s business is located in Brooklyn, but he spends most of his time in his luxurious house in Massachusetts. According to reports, Deary has renovated his place very well.

In addition, he customized his kitchen and bedroom according to Russell’s preferences after his marriage. His home has a beautiful garden area where his children can play.


Notably, Keri was five months pregnant when Shane and Keri were married. The couple wished to get married before the birth of their child.

Their first child was a boy named River, born in 2007 and 2011; their second child was a girl named Willa, born in 2012.


In 2002, Shane Deary and Keri Russel were introduced by a mutual friend. The American drama series Felicity has made Keri Russel a household name by then. In 2006, the couple became engaged, and in 2007, they married on Valentine’s Day.

During a private wedding in Manhattan, the Mission Impossible III star and Shane exchanged vows with their close family and friends. A reception at Harrison Restaurant in Tribeca followed the event. The Waitress actress was already five months pregnant with their first child during their wedding. 

Divorce with Keri Russell

After six years of marriage, the couple separated and began living apart in 2013. The couple announced their divorce in the year. There was a shock among fans and well-wishers when the couple announced their separation.

The couple had many issues and conflicts, ultimately leading to their breakup. The couple’s children were approximately six and four years old when they separated. Because they had such young children, choosing divorce must have been a challenging decision.

Shane Deary family

Current situation

After the couple divorced, Keri Russell began dating one of her costars after a few months. He completely hid his life from the media and kept himself away from his fans.

There has been no public indication that he is dating another woman after the divorce. There is a possibility that he is dating someone privately. Although the couple split up, they maintained a healthy relationship to ensure their kids grew up in a healthy environment.

In addition to spending time with his children, Shane has a soft corner for them. His personal and professional lives are managed efficiently in Massachusetts, where he resides.

Net Worth

According to the reports, Shane Deary possesses an estimated net worth of more than $1 million. His company, which produces wooden constructions and furniture, has earned him a lot of money.

Nevertheless, he has an ex-wife with an estimated net worth of about $12 million. She makes approximately $175,000 per episode as an actress in the hit television series ‘The Americans, which began airing in 2019.


Who is Shane Deary?

Shane is a woodworker and contractor, well-known as the former husband of award-winning actor Keri Russell. The company he owns, Deary Construction, focuses on woodworking and interior design.

What is Deary’s profession?

A business named "Deary Construction" is run by Shane Deary, who specializes in interior decoration, wood furniture, cabinet making, and renovating homes and offices. He runs this business along with his elder brother.

When did Shane and Keri Russell divorce?

After six years of marriage, Shane and Keri Russell separated and began living apart in 2013. They announced their divorce the same year.

What is Deary’s current situation?

Deary is currently single and focuses on his business and children. Despite his divorce, he maintains a cordial relationship with Keri for their children's sake. He is also known to enjoy surfing and golfing.


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