Shanann Watts’s Facebook Page: The posts that is hard to read!

A very sad incident that people may not aware of. It is a cruelty that was happened to the family, residents in Fredrick, Colorado. A pregnant woman Shannan Watts & her two young daughters went missing in 2018.

Chris Watts, her husband, appeared distraught when he was unable to find his lost family and girls.

He appealed to local authorities in hopes of locating them. However, things came crashing down when the police used a polygraph on the seemingly-innocent husband.

Let’s take a glance back at the terrifying and horrific turn of events in the US surrounding the tragic case of Shannan Watts.

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Partner into Crime

A 34 years old mother of two young girls, Shannan Watts, went missing from her residence in Colorado. She has lost along with her two Daughters. The elder one is of four-year-old Bella, and the younger was of three-year-old Celeste.

They disappeared from home with their mother, and no family or friends could locate the lost family.

Well, a friend of Shannan Watts, Nikole Atkinson, was the last person to ascertain Shannan alive after leaving her home for a business trip.

However, after some hours of wait, Atkinson contacted Shannan when she didn’t happen to an OB-GYN appointment. Shannan’s friend made a call Chris Watts. And, therefore, the police after hearing nothing back.

Conducting an inquiry of the Watts family home, the police found no signs of evil. However, they got located some personal items of Shannan, including her phone.

At first, Chris claimed that he had no idea where Shannan, Bella, and Celeste might be gone. However, he was getting engaged in media shows. Chris looked as if he was doing all the things then he could locate his missing family.

FBI and other local authorities went through Chris’s phone records and find out that he was having an affair with coworker Nichol.

After the two days of Shannan’s disappearance, Chris failed a polygraph test. However, the case then took a severe twist.

It is declared that Chris had killed his wife Shannan, his unborn son, and his two little daughters. At first, Chris blamed Shannan and stated he killed her out of rage after finding her smothering two daughters.

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Finally, Chris declared his evil to all. And any nine counts against him in court. And he was sentenced to 5 life sentences, of which three are continuing and two unanimous for the murders.

Moreover, he is responsible for a complete of eighty-four more years for other crimes.

Shannan’s Facebook

Shannan Watts was referred to as a businesswoman who loved to share her job and seemingly happy family.

Here are many of Shannan’s Facebook posts that are hard to read following her tragic death.

Facebook Posts

“I love Chris! He’s the simplest dad us girls could invite.”

Posts like these remind loved ones what proportion Shannan adored her family. Chris always praised Shannan’s Facebook for being an honest father.

This tragedy occurred within the same year as this photo makes this post a difficult one.

“Chris, we are so incredibly blessed to possess you!”

What seemed to be an ideal family became a nightmare. However, Shannan updated a post for Father’s Day. She is celebrating her husband & dad with her three children. Nobody could’ve predicted what came next.

“Proud, dad.”

Alas! No one can estimate how someone like Chris Watts could decide to kill his beloved family.

The Facebook page of Shannan is filled with her family and their celebrations. And, therefore, the love she had for them is visible in these posts.

Chriss we are incredible to have you

“According to Bella, there’s five babies in my belly.”

However, seeing that little Bella getting passionate about her future siblings is enough to form anyone’s sadness about their tragic case. Sadly, Shannan was never ready to meet her unborn son.

“Chris had to re-read!”

This Facebook video shows the instant Chris Watts heard the news he was getting to be a dad once again. And the Shannan was helpless to carry her excitement about the story.

“Will miss the first ultrasound.”

Chris failed to form the appointment that day, and Shannan took her daughter Bella with her instead of her husband. Could Chris Watts be wandering with Mistress Nichol Kessinger?

Shannan first ultrasound

What does one consider Shannan Watts’s case? Did Chris Watts get what he deserved? Let me know by drafting your suggestions in the comment box below.

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