About Arabian Ranches 2

One of the renowned names among the developers of family-friendly residential areas is “Emaar Properties”, Arabian Ranches 2 is the manifestation of the brilliance of Emaar real estate developers. Although many areas in Dubai are world famous because of spectacular and thoughtful architecture along with top-notch luxuries, Arabian Ranches is at the top of the list of most admired places in Dubai. Considering the significance of outdoor leisure and the success of Arabian Ranches, Emaar properties decided to inaugurate Arabian Ranches 2. Launched in 2013, a comparatively modern residential area, primarily focusing on the improvement of outdoor leisure, Arabian Ranch 2 is located in the center of Dubai. 


10 villa sub-communities constitute Arabian Ranch 2 which is designed based on the theme of the peaceful landscape of the desert. This page will enlighten you about these beautiful ten enclaves.

1. Reem Community

One of the most liked and famous options for either buying or just renting a home in Arabian Ranch 2 is the “Reem community”. There are almost 216 luxury townhouses for sale in Arabian Ranches 2 at reem. You can rent a three-bedroom house in the Reem community for AED 125k yearly or buy one in the range of AED 1.8M and AED 3M. 

2. Samara community 

The villas in the Samara community that are designed considering the Spanish architecture are well known for their family-friendly vibe. The community has 177 houses, and unlike the Reem community, these houses have options of 4 and 5 bedrooms. 

As the community is situated close to the entry of the development and the villas have more rooms, so the rent of these houses is more. You can rent a home within a price range of AED 170k to AED 200k or you can buy a home at this dream place within the range of AED 3.2 M to AED 5.6M.

3. Casa Community

Casa is a family-friendly sub-community and one of the firsts that were formed in this location. The community is known for its Moroccan-style villas, these villas have 3 or 4 bedrooms. The property in Casa is very reasonable as you can buy a house in the community for a minimum of AED 3M. 

4. Lila Community

If you are looking for Spanish-style villas having beautiful interiors and iron fencing then the Lila community is the best option for you. The place is claimed to be one of the most sophisticatedly designed areas by Emaar. The family-friendly community has 5 types of 219 villas that can be rented within the price range of AED 170k and AED 250k.

5. Palma Community 

The picturesque villas in the Palma community are spacious, having 3, 4 or 5 bedrooms. Californian architects built this lavish and embellished community that has all the amenities a family can need. 

6. Camelia Community

The community was recently added in the locality of Arabian Ranches 2. The enclave has 177 units with each unit offering balconies and gardens. Though the community is just launched, many properties are set for rent and sale. 

7. Rasha Community

Offering top-notch amenities with Spanish architecture, the Rasha enclave has 140 villas. The villas have 4-6 bedrooms. Inaugurated in 2014, the community provides its residents with the finest facilities. 

8. Rosa Community

Designed in 5 layouts, the Rosa community has 144 Mediterranean-style homes. The homes are spacious and come with the options of 5 or 6 bedrooms. The villas are family-friendly as you can have home offices, family rooms, and study areas in these villas.

9. Yasmin Community

The enclave makes sure to provide you with the most luxurious experience ever by enabling you to rent or buy 4-6 bedroom villas. The villas in this community are known for their Arabesque style. Yasmin features 98 such spectacular and eye-catching villas.

10. Azalea Community

The architecture of the Azalea community is similar to Yasmin. The enclave has 108 Arabesque designed villas. The intricate designs of the villas compliment the desert theme of Arabian Ranch.

Amenities in Arabian Ranch 2

  1. Supermarkets

The Arabian Ranch 2 has only one market “Carrefour Market ”. However, the supermarket is enough to fulfill all the needs of the residents. There are two supermarkets as well situated in the Layan community: Choithrams and ZOOM market. 

  1. Religious Places.

Considering the needs of people belonging to all religions, the residential area has mosques, churches, and temples as well. The famous mosque for Muslims is named “Al Shakoor Mosque”, which is situated almost near the entry of the residence. Casa de Oración Torre Fuerte is the church in Arabian Ranch. Similarly, Hindus can also find various temples in the Arabian Ranch 2.

  1. Schools

Quality education is a basic necessity in any residential area, the sub-community makes sure to provide its residents with the finest education. It has been made possible because of institutions like Arabian Ranches 2 Nursery and the ballet school Step up Academy. The well-reputed schools are also present in neighboring communities that are not very far away. Not only schools and academies but Arabian Ranch 2 also provides you easy access to the universities as many famous universities are situated at a distance of almost 20 minutes from the community.

  1. Hospitals

No residential area can be claimed as family-friendly if it does not provide you with the finest medical facilities. Arabian Ranch 2 promises you the best medical facilities, many clinics and pharmacies are present in the vicinity and a hospital is just 15 minutes away from the community. 


Irrespective of the level of comfort and luxuries that any residential area provides to its residents, the outdoor activities and the opportunities to build a social life are very important factors to consider before claiming that the community is family-friendly. 

Arabian Ranch 2 has fine restaurants, shopping malls, and hangout spots that help you to enjoy and have fun with your family and friends. Many community events are often organized to make sure that you build a healthy social circle. Arabian Ranches 2 is also a very good business opportunity for real estate investors.

Considering all the above facts and figures, you must now be convinced that Arabian Ranch 2 deserves to be at the top of the list of most admired and liked places in Dubai.


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