Representing Talent in the Music Industry

Mark Gillespie is one of the most influential music managers in LA. He is a CEO and manager for the company Three Six Zero, which is one of the most powerful entertainment companies worldwide. They have locations in Los Angeles, London, and Miami and are known for representing some of the biggest names in music.

Some of the artists you may have heard dominating the charts are likely managed under Three Six Zero, some of them being managed directly by Mark. Thanks to his creativity, hard work, and vision we are able to have access to some of our favorite musicians’ music.

Which Artists Does Mark Gillespie Represent?

Mark has been named one of the World’s Greatest Managers from Music Business Worldwide.

Which artists are lucky enough to get to work with Mark Gillespie?

Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris was Mark’s first client. Calvin is a DJ and singer from Scotland. He is well known for his collaborations with other popular singers in the industry. He teamed up with Rihanna for  “We Found Love” and also worked with Katy Perry, Big Sean, and Pharrell Williams for the song “Feels”.

To date, Calvin has 5 studio albums and 42 hit singles making him one of the biggest names in popular music today. Musicians from all genres look forward to collaborating with Calvin.

Mark and Calvin still work together and that doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon.

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean is a popular hip hop singer and songwriter who is also managed by Mark Gillespie. He has a wide vocal range and an unconventional music style which has gained him a large fanbase worldwide. Some people will even go on to say he is one of the best hip hop artists of the decade.
Some of his more popular songs have been “Thinkin About You”, “White Ferrari”, and “Godspeed”. Many of Frank Ocean’s songs have peaked on the Billboard and he has been featured on several soundtracks for popular movies and TV series.

Travis Scott

Travis Scott is a hip hop artist who has seen a huge rise in popularity over the past few years. If you aren’t familiar with his music, you may recognize him from Keeping Up With The Kardashians. He shares a daughter with Kylie Jenner which has basically made him a part of the Kardashian clan.
Don’t let his little tangle with one of the world’s most famous families distract your from Travis Scott’s real talent. Travis has some great beats and he got his start under the management of Mark Gillespie.

Travis now works independently. His exit from Three Six Zero was purely amicable, as he felt it was time in his career for the next step. Mark has been supportive of this decision.

Mark Gillespie: The Greatest Music Manager In The World

What makes Mark Gillespie the best manager for musicians to work with? Without a doubt, Mark has a vision of business that nobody else has had before in the music industry. He is constantly able to break boundaries for his clients, taking them places that they never thought were possible.

He displays a level of creative discipline with his clients and it has helped take their work to the next level and get their work recognized globally.  Mark is able to recognize the right paths for his clients to take in order to thrive in the industry.

Kelis, Mark Ronson, and Jessie Ware are just a few other big names that Mark Gillespie represents under Three Six Zero. He has helped some of the biggest names in music get to where they are today.

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