Reddit NFL Streams: How to Watch Super Bowl LV Free Without r/NFLstreams

If you are facing a problem that you cannot reach Reddit NFL Streams anymore, do not worry. This year, the Super Bowl may be a cord-cutter’s best mate.

There has only been one thing in the minds of football fans since Championship Weekend. Tom Brady versus Patrick Mahomes within the Super Bowl.

However, the time has over after two long weeks of anticipation and buzz. It will be the first time that a team will play the Super Bowl in their home stadium, although there will only be 22,000 fans attending, thanks to the pandemic.

It is a game that you merely do not want to miss. Once we reminisce thereon in 20 years, it would just go down because of the greatest QB matchup ever: the GOAT versus the young QB who has been slated by many to be next in line.

Without a doubt, there is no got to add any longer hype to the present game. It will broadcast on CBS with kickoff at 6:30 pm ET

If there is no cable connection, you would possibly worry about missing the action now that Reddit banned r/nflstreams. Read on to seek out why Reddit NFL streams are banned and what the simplest alternatives are.

Why Were Reddit NFL Streams Banned?

The r/nflstreams subreddit is one of the most important and user-friendly valuable resources for NFL fans worldwide. Links, which were reliable for the foremost part, were posted for each NFL game.

Fans were also spoiled by considering that they might watch NFL Redzone and NFL Network. Furthermore, the better part of all of this was that the streams were completely free—no payment, no account, just a link with a few ads and pop-ups.

However, when Reddit banned the page, the free trial version came to an end. So, why did Reddit ban one among their hottest pages?

The short answer to the present question is that the subreddit was technically illegal. If you watch other sports, you almost certainly were not too surprised to ascertain Reddit makes this choice. The page for Soccer Stream and NBA are also taken down before the ban.

The main issue is that posting free links may be a clear case of copyright infringement, and leagues were beginning to notice. Interestingly, Reddit was never forced to ban the subreddit but rather chose to be consistent with its repeat infringement policy.

The policy reads:

Our policy is to shut the accounts of users, in appropriate circumstances, who have repeatedly been charged with copyright infringement. Sometimes a repeat infringement problem is restricted to at least one user, and that we close just that user’s account. Other times, the matter pervades an entire subreddit community.

Where to Stream Free Super Bowl 55?

Last year’s Super Bowl was the foremost live-streamed in history, far and away. It drew during a record 3.4 million viewers per minute, which was around 30% per year.

Moreover, with the growing trend towards “cord-cutting,” or the movement of television viewers to online platforms, there are various ways to stream the sport on Sunday for free of charge.

  • CBS Sports Website
  • CBS Sports App
  • Yahoo! Sports App
  • NFL App

ESPN Sites and Apps (Including ESPN Deportes if you would like to observe the sport with a Spanish broadcast)

Additionally, a number of the choices below are going to be carrying the Super Bowl. If you are subscribed to any of them, check beforehand to ascertain if the match is out there.

Moreover, now it could be real-time to undertake a free trial on one among these platforms.

Plan Ahead for Next Season: what are the simplest thanks to Stream NFL Games For Free?

Of course, there are only a few truly free ways to observe the NFL. However, one of the best way is with the Yahoo! Sports App. Users can live-stream games for free of charge on their phones or tablets.

It includes MNF and TNF games too. However, fans can only watch games that are broadcast in their local TV market. The official NFL app also works similarly.

Keep in mind that these are options for streaming local games and are not available for fans outside of us.

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Other Paid Options with Free Trials

The following were a number of the streaming platforms available this year with their prices and features. Of course, by the time next season comes around, these details are subject to vary.

Amazon Prime Video

All Thursday Night Football games are often live-streamed using Amazon prime video. If you have already got a major subscription, you’ll stream the games at no additional charge.


This year, fans can watch NFL games except for Hulu+LiveTV. The standard Hulu package does not include NFL coverage, but users can watch ESPN, NBC, Fox, and CBS for a fee.

Price: $54.99/month

What is missing?: NFL Network and NFL Redzone


The subscribers will have access to the streaming channels, including NFL and ESPN Network. Moreover, there is an option for a seven-day free trial, and for an additional $10.99, you will watch NFL Redzone too.

Price: $64.99

What is missing? ABC

YouTube TV

YouTube TV may be the best comprehensive option for streaming NFL in 2020. With this channel, you can get instant access to every channel that you would like for the NFL (and more). However, you will need to pay a further $10.99 for Redzone, almost like FuboTV.

Both streaming services are going to be available through mobile apps on IOS and Android. Moreover, fans can stream the games on their TVs using Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, and Fire TV with FuboTV and YouTube TV.

Price: $64.99

What is missing: Technically, nothing? However, you will need to pay a further fee for Redzone.

Other Streaming Services

Fans can also stream games on various other platforms, including Sling, Vidgo, CBS, and AT&TV, and others.

The football has also been available for Amazon Prime users since week four on Thursday night.

Finally, DirecTV will offer a non-satellite version of NFL Sunday tickets to the subscribers for living in apartments or condos. These fans are going to be ready to stream the game live every Sunday afternoon.

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