Red Door Digital Announces Genesis NFT Mint, Gameplay Trailer and Reign of Terror: Awakening

Red Door Digital, a developer and publisher of Web3 games, announced today the date of the upcoming genesis NFT mint for its Web3 game Reign of Terror, which was made in-house, and released a gameplay trailer for the tactical MMORPG. The gameplay trailer and genesis NFT drop come before the release of Reign of Terror: Awakening, a mining side game that only NFT owners can play.

Genesis NFT Mint On Fractal

The first NFT mint for Reign of Terror will happen on Fractal on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. Twitch co-founder Justin Kan and Google Drive co-founder David Wurtz started the NFT marketplace in Solana.

There will be 515 profile pictures (PFPs) in this first batch of genesis NFTs. As a bonus, people who own Reign of Terror’s genesis NFTs will be able to play Reign of Terror: Awakening first. In the mining side game, players will be able to risk their PFPs on missions to get rewards.

The first 515 NFTs will come in 5 classes: Legendary, Royal Court, Government Forces, Armed Forces, and Royalty. The rarest NFTs are Legendary, which lets users upload their faces to their NFT in a process called “immortalization.” In later rounds, a player character, or agent, will drop.

CEO and founder of Red Door Digital, Joseph Derflinger, said the following about the matter:

With this Genesis NFT Mint, gamers will be able to get their hands on Reign of Terror in-game assets for the first time. These assets can also be used in Reign of Terror: Awakening. This is a big step forward, and players from all over the world are welcome to start exploring the world of Reign of Terror.

Reign Of Terror Gameplay Trailer And Reign Of Terror: Awakening

Red Door Digital also released the gameplay trailer for the tactical MMORPG Reign of Terror today, showing gamers how the game works and how it looks. The game was made by Red Door Digital’s team of veterans from the gaming industry. They did this to show how AAA-quality games can make Web3 games more popular with a large number of people.

With a cyberpunk theme based on Southeast Asia, Red Door Digital’s Creative Director Thomas Visscher wants to give Reign of Terror a unique look to reach the AAA-quality that the game studio is known for. The creative director at Red Door Digital, Thomas Visscher, said:

The story of Reign of Terror is based on the story of crypto itself, which is about the fight between decentralized and centralized factions as the rebels try to break down the world’s existing power structures. That comes through in both the creative idea and the way it looks. We see a lot of propaganda stuck on the walls. It’s not just a physical battle, but also a battle of ideas.

Reign of Terror: Awakening is a side game about mining that came out before the main game so that players could start using their NFTs right away. This side game lets players try out the game and see how the on-chain staking works for themselves.

Early this year, Red Door Digital got a start-up loan of $5 million. In addition to Reign of Terror, the Web3 game studio and publisher is working on a number of other games that were made in-house. These include the casual racing and battle game DinoHorse Saga and the battle royale-style sci-med game Project Synth. On top of that, they are working on a number of partnerships with both big-name and Web3 game companies.

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