Prince Wilburn

The Prince Wilburns were born on December 6, 2013, and are now ten years old. Additionally, he is an American citizen with a Sagittarius zodiac sign. There needs to be more information on the education of the young celebrity child. Brittni Mealy is his mother, and Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn is his father.

His father is among the United States’ prominent rappers, singers, songwriters, and record producers. A successful entrepreneur, his mother is also a successful businesswoman. There are six half-siblings on his father’s side. Many members are among them, including Jakobi, Kash,  Londyn, Future Zahir, and Hendrix.

Even though all the Wilburn siblings have the same father, they have different mothers. Moreover, he is the rapper’s third child from a third ex-girlfriend. His mother’s side also has a brother named Jay.

We will discuss everything we know about Prince Wilburn in this article, including his bio, career, and net worth.

Birth and Childhood 

Prince was born on December 6, 2013  in America. His citizenship was American due to his birth and upbringing in America. In addition to his parents, he has a sister, Brittni Wilburn. Considering he is only nine, it is safe to assume he is receiving an education.

His school and subjects studied to date have yet to be discovered with certainty. Prince is an attractive young man who is of black ethnicity. The dark brown color of his eyes and hair lends charm to his appearance. Sagittarius is his zodiac sign. In addition to his father’s siblings, Prince has numerous half-siblings.


At the moment, Prince is too young to begin his career and earn an income. His education prepares him for a career where he will learn new things and receive an education.

There is no job for Prince at the moment. However, his mother, a well-off entrepreneur who lavishes her son with a luxurious life, provides him with a comfortable life. His father probably provided him with some money to care for his children.

Prince Wilburn

Body Measurements

Currently, more information is needed about Prince Wilburn’s body measurements. There is no information about the celebrity kid’s height, weight, dress size, shoe size, chest-waist-hip measurements, etc. Nevertheless, Wilburn’s body measurement stats will continue to change for several years as he is a very young kid. He is still developing and growing, so his stats will keep changing. Additionally, Future’s third child is brown-eyed and has curly brown hair.

Relationship Status

Prince, nine years old, is single. Future’s parents are not together anymore, as far as his relationship status is concerned. In the 2010s, however, his parents were in a relationship. The father even presents his mother with extravagant gifts like diamond rings, bracelets, a Rolex, and diamond necklaces. In addition, his father has six more children.

Further, his father gained prominence through his relationship with Ciara, a famous American singer, dancer, model, and actress. In October 2013, this was news. After Wilburn’s father’s infidelity, Future and Ciara ended their engagement on August 2014.

Prince Wilburn’s Parents

There is a stable career for each of Prince’s parents. Their first meeting took place in 2009. He lived in Atlanta, Georgia, with his father, Future, and his mother was a dancer in an Atlanta club. Future often visited the club as a regular customer. Future and Brittni became friends for the first time at this event.

Travel was the couple’s main activity. Their first child, Prince, was born in 2012. They had never tied the knot before then, nor were they officially married. Future began cheating on Brittni, and the relationship never recovered. Being deeply in love made moving on difficult for Brittni. 

Prince Wilburn

Current Situation

As a child, Prince lives with his mother and enjoys his freedom as a child. He and his father do not have a good relationship. There is no doubt that misunderstandings between couples can lead to problems in their children’s lives as a result. The excellent news is Brittni is a strong independent woman who cares very much about her son and is a wonderful mother.

Net Worth

There needs to be more information about the Net worth of Prince Wilburn, as he is still very young. Additionally, he still has a lot of work to do to reach his potential. However, his rapper father, Future worth more than $40 million, is worth less than half that amount.


Who are Prince Wilburn’s parents?

Prince Wilburn's parents are Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, known professionally as Future, who is a prominent American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer, and Brittni Mealy, a successful businesswoman, and entrepreneur.

How many siblings does Prince Wilburn have?

Prince Wilburn has six half-siblings from his father's side. They are Jakobi, Kash, Londyn, Future Zahir, and Hendrix. He also has a brother named Jay from his mother's side.

Is Prince Wilburn currently studying?

Given his age, it is safe to assume that Prince Wilburn is presently receiving an education, although the details about his school and subjects are unknown.


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