Playing at an online casino is just a regular part of life for many Europeans. In fact, online gambling has made it much easier for everyone to play remotely and cash out on the go. However, considering the myriad of offerings at gambling platforms, knowing what games to expect is a great tip.

Here, our author Jered Beugelink, an online gambling expert, discusses some of the most popular online casino games in Europe.

Video slot machines

Classics like NetEnt’s Planet of the Apes, which have excellent graphics and a high return to player percentage, will always be popular with players in Europe. In addition, there is a range of classic titles and new releases for you to try.

Also, gamblers fancy games with several features and many slots are not lacking in this area. When you consider the number of slot machines with a jackpot feature, it’s easy to see why they are popular.

Live table games

Table games are undoubtedly the most interesting to get that blood pounding if you seek excitement and quick thinking! Real-time players compete against each other in a video or live simulation of a traditional casino table game to have the most authentic experience possible at home while playing.

Online video poker

Online Casinos

Card games are pretty versatile and common globally. Europeans have a wide range of poker variants at their disposal. Some of the options you may find at popular gambling sites include Texas hold’em and 3-card poker.


Another popular game that is almost as widely played as poker is blackjack. And Dutch casinos are great at featuring a vast collection of blackjack games. Also, its simplistic nature eliminates the need for gamblers to spend hours learning how to play. You can visit to find the best blackjack variants at top-tier online casinos operating in the Netherlands.

This game’s popularity is rumored to have skyrocketed due to the extensive media coverage they’ve formerly received. Also, their presence in the live betting dealer section of many online casinos proves that this classic is still quite enjoyable today.


In addition to blackjack and poker, crap is a popular pastime. This dice game is so much fun that everyone at the table erupts into laughter and screams with delight. Since there is no strategy involved, this is purely a game of chance.

Therefore, it’s viral among gamblers. Aside from that, the house advantage is modest enough that even a complete rookie can win if he is lucky enough. In a craps game, the dice are rolled by a single player, and other players can wager on the roll outcome.

It is possible to play Craps both in a land-based casino and online. Craps on the internet provide the same degree of fun, excitement, and potential to win real money. In addition, gamblers can experience this without leaving the comfort of their own homes.



It’s not surprising that roulette is one of the most popular online casino games in the Netherlands. European and American Roulette are the two most common variations. While the American Roulette wheel has two zero slots, the European Roulette wheel only has a single zero slot between 1-36.

Theoretically, each variant may differ a lot in some terms. However, the gameplay for roulette remains mostly the same regardless of the variant you select.Aus casino listed some of the best casinos where you can play roulette online.


Decades ago, baccarat was considered a high-roller affair. A random gambler couldn’t walk up to any baccarat table with a few hundred euro, dressed in regular attire, and expect a chance to play.

If you had desired a baccarat play session, you would have needed to throw on a suit and tie or evening wear and stake up to €100 or more per hand. Thanks to online gambling, everything regarding baccarat has fast changed.

There are many €10 tables now. In addition, you shouldn’t have to dress up and acquire access to restricted locations.

Final Thoughts

If you are gambling in Europe, you’ll never be lost for game options to try. Online casino games to try range from slots, poker, craps to blackjack, and many more. Choosing the best game is mostly a matter of personal preference.


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